Saturday, December 10, 2011

USA Track & Field National Cross Country Championships

Saturday was USA Track & Field national cross country champs from coast to coast. My friend's daughter's team placed 5th at junior nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC (woot!) and on this coast, we had the master and open cross country championships.

I had hoped to catch both the men and women races but I got tied down at the house getting caught up on chores and only made it to the men's race. I knew a couple guys in the open division so it was nice to see them run. It certainly took some kahunas to get out there in this field:

Quite a big race. Eek!

The men's 10k race was won by Jonathan Gray of Team USA Minnesota in 29:38 (4:47 pace). The top teams were McMillan Elite, Boulder Running Company/Adidas, and the Asics Aggie Running Club.
The guys coming around a corner. You could feel the ground moving!
The guy who won is in the blue, on the left.  
Men's leader, Gray, of Team USA Minnesota. Notice how there is no one directly behind him?
The women's 6k race was won by Brie Felnagle in 19:54 (5:20 average pace). The top teams were Adidas Team Rogue Elite, Boulder Running Company/Adidas, and Club Northwest. Our very own Club Northwest of Seattle won the women's master event. Reading the results, it turns out I know one of the masters female runners for the Seattle Running Club - would have been nice to see her too. Ni modo.

Aside from this, I went on a first run in quite some time and felt jiggly and slow. BAH. One week until a 5k I had hoped to "race" but will instead just have to go try to finish without passing out. Still trying to formulate a plan for the Yukon Do It Half on 12/31 and the Maui Oceanfront Half on 1/22. More on that and the Master Plan for 2012 later...

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. That's insane how fast those guys can move

  2. That is one big field of runners! I'd be worried about getting trampled on. Good luck with the 5k - hope you feel better running.

  3. I am an assistant coach to our school's XC team - LOVE XC meets! They are amazing! Keep up the running, it will get better :).