Saturday, December 17, 2011

Candy canes take Tacoma

Well, officially it was Santa Runs Tacoma, but as Team Will Run For Ice Cream Hot Chocolate started the 5k race, with me at the back of the pack, it looked like our candy cane-themed runners were going to take over! It was great seeing all the red sparkles and stripes head up the hill.

Yes, this mostly flat 5k started UPHILL! Other than the hill and the 35-degree weather, it was a nice start. There were not too many people but lots of costumed characters.
This is where I was NOT today.
While I was freezing with the girls in the Pacific NW, the hubs was on the beach WORKING in Puerto Rico. Something amiss here?

The Santa Runs Tacoma race is also run in Kabul, Afghanistan on Christmas day by I Corps from our local, Joint Base Lewis-McChord and so videographers were taking messages from participants to send over to the troops. Our group sang the opening to "We wish you a merry Christmas," followed by a big thank you. Quite nice to take some time to remember those far from home. 

Behind the scenes (literally)

Almost everyone: "A," Kadie, Tiffiany, Karla, Kim, Mel, Zoe, Kerrie, yo
My aunt ran today, too. We ran this same race together LAST YEAR.

Colorful clothing, antlers, beards, etc.

Trying to stay warm pre-race.

It would have been nice to take photos during the race like I did last year because some of the costumes were pretty great. But, my goal for the race was to actually run a bit hard. I've struggled with my training lately but still wanted to push it and see where I was at. So, no photos.

In the end, it paid off because I ran much better than I expected and wound up with a 3rd place finish in my age group (23:13, 35-39 AG). The two women who placed ahead of me also placed in the top 5 overall. The women's winning time was 18:26 and in fact, the top five women ran sub 19:00. I love it when there are fast women around, don't you?

What's even better is that Tall Mom Mel and my aunt ALSO placed third in their age groups AND Kim placed first in her age group!
Kim, Mel, and I rockin' our ribbons.

Post race libations/celebrations

It was a lovely day in Tacoma and certainly inspired me to get back into speed work. This week will be a struggle while the hubs is out of town because I'll have less time available but I'll do what I can. 

Next up: 


  1. Yeah! You go girl! Congrats :)

  2. Love the skirts and especially the socks!!! so cute! Congrats to you all on running such a great race!

  3. Nicely done, speedy! Love the Team Sparkle skirt!!

  4. Those costumes look great, but looking at the pics I can almost feel the cold! Fantastic time, well done!

  5. Alma, you are the best! Great report. It was a blast spending time with (and being passed by) you. Let's do it all again in Maui, shall we?

  6. Glad I got to see you again!!! You did awesome!!!

  7. congrats! yall look so cute! and see, your speed is there :)