Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Struggling & end of 2011 race list

Maybe it's the change in season? The darkness as late as 7 a.m.? The frost and rain? I actually had to wear full-length pants for the first time this season during my bike commute to/from work.

Brrrr. Must be November. 

I'm pretty much recovered from the big push at work but all those extra hours + hubs traveling (oh yeah, he was gone the first half of this week, too) = derailed routine. And for me, training success is ALL about routine.

So, I'm struggling to get back into the pattern of getting up to do my workouts, get to work, get home to see the little guy & fix dinner/do house chores, then sleep & repeat. It's not easy, even though it feels so good once I'm actually doing it.

We've all been in this rut before and I know the way out is to JUST DO IT. Easy, right? Someone want to come kick me in the butt tomorrow morning, about 5:50 a.m.? I NEED HELP! Somewhere between September and now, I got lazy.

I look ahead to how soon Thanksgiving will be upon us and wonder when I'm going to get with the program. TIME IS WASTING! I'd REALLY like to do some races at the end of this year, after having taken so much time off from that damn calf explosion during Seattle RNR.

If I can suck it up & get off my Halloween candied ass, I will manage a decent finish to the Master Plan 2011:

Widdle Waddle Half (11/24) = I have no business going 13 miles in 3ish weeks but I can walk-jog if needed or just go REALLY easy. It's located just a few miles from my house & follows a decent running route.

Las Vegas RNR Half (12/4) = Already registered with girls from the bachelorette party. This will definitely be a mostly-walk event for us. Plus, Cheap Trick is the headliner! (ha)

Santa Runs Tacoma 5k (12/17) = This is what should be motivating me to get out of bed each morning. I had hoped this would be a target race, a grand finale for 2011 but I'm not sure if I can pull some speed together by mid-Dec.

Yukon Do It Half (12/31) = I've never run in Port Orchard and it just looks like a pretty place to run. I had hoped I'd be in shape to semi-race this (tempo run?).

Alright y'all, I'm tired of this blah attitude. Tomorrow morning I'm DOING IT! Or else I have face this page knowing I wimped out.


  1. The cold and dark is getting to me too. Maybe I'll see you in Tacoma or Port Orchard! I'm not sure about either one yet.

  2. October was horrible for me. I ate whatever, ran a little, never biked and swam like 3 times. I kicked my butt into gear this week and feeling SO much better. You can do it! haha, kind of like the name of your half... lol

  3. Widdle Waddle? Best name ever.

  4. You are already speedy so mid December is no problem for a fast 5k :) You gotta work on that confidence.... because you are FAST and STRONG

  5. I hear you, I can't motivate myself at all for any runs right now. I just wanna cuddle up on the couch and drink hot chocolate :)

  6. Suck it up Buttercup! You can do it!

  7. I've had it with the dark at 7am. It just sucks me into my bed. And the cold!

    I'm looking forward to Santa Runs Tacoma. You don't need speed, necessarily, it will be fun no matter what, right?

  8. i’ve been struggling to get up every day lately-ready for the time change. I’ve hit snooze and pushed my workouts to the afternoon. i actually need to go right now but i am being lazy instead :) just do it!! and that 1/2 on t-giving looks fun. and cheap. why aren’t they cheap in GA?

  9. Agree with Becka. Waddle waddle. Do that.

  10. You definitely have a good list of races, that should really help push the running!! Vegas will be tons of run, I think there are a lot of bloggers going. This cold and dark is not helping any but once you get back into your routine, things will get better. Just stay focused! :)