Sunday, November 6, 2011

Something to write home about


Ok, this may be the FIRST weekend ever that my entire house was vacuumed ALL AT ONCE. If you're like me, you squeeze house work in as you can: while the little guy is sleeping, while hubs is out playing with little guy, while cooking, whenever. As a consequence, nothing is ever clean at once. I am just amazed that I was able to do the upstairs, main floor, and basement together. Definitely cause for celebration and pulling a pint from the fresh keg we picked up on Friday. Mmmm...Manny's! 

(By the way, I run for beer and appreciate that having a kegerator means I don't have to shamefully drag 100 empty bottles into the alley once a week for the neighbors to see on recycling pick-up day.

Another cause for celebration: I can feel I'm coming out of my slump. I'm just going to call October a FAILURE and move on. A new month, a new beginning.

The hype for the NYC marathon and the long run yesterday with lovely Megan (The Daily Sweat) combined with the amazing fall weather lately have helped to kick me in the caboose. (The new pumpkin/polka dot running skirt doesn't hurt, either. See below.) 

Route: Madison Park to Mt. Baker Park on Lake WA Blvd, out & back.
Yes, eyed closed. But check out those colors in the trees!  
Yesterday, Megan & I ran for 30 minutes in darkness along Lake Washington until the sky started to glow a brilliant PINK as the sun rose over the Cascade Mountain range. The rest of the run we enjoyed the sunrise turn the sky bright colors as well as the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves along the lakeside path. (Wish I had taken a camera along.) 

We did a nice 8-mile out & back route along the lake which is also miles 4 to 8-ish of the Seattle Marathon/Half coming up this Thanksgiving weekend. I think this must have been one of the last long runs before the race because this route was CLUTTERED with runners. We must have seen at least 40 runners out. 

This was Megan's first long run to kick off her marathon training so I'm hoping to catch these lower distance runs with her for a while and get my butt in gear (i.e., hoping Megan will drag my lazy butt along as she trains). Always helps to have a friend to train with and it's great that this is one I met via blogland, at the Lake Samammish Half Marathon this past March

On deck for me this week a la Furman FIRST 10k program:
  • Ladder intervals (200, 400, 600, 800 & back down)
  • Mixed-pace tempo run 
  • Long run (9 mi) 
  • Cross-training, weights, and physical therapy exercises
I think this week, I'll do all but the track work as actual runs. Still nervous about re-injuring the calf on the speed work so will try the ladder intervals on the elliptical instead. 

I hope everyone's week gets off to a good start! 


  1. I think the best part of the run was when you said, "Oh my gosh! An hour and 17 minutes!" I was so happy for you!! Hope to see you Saturday for another long run!

  2. A gorgeous sunrise! Love it...enjoy the track this week.

  3. HA! I like your BTW. My neighbors know I'm a lush. There's no getting around all the wine bottles in that yellow bin. I used to tell myself they must think I have a lot of parties...but that would require guests coming and going, yes?

  4. What fun to run to run with Megan and see all those runners! I haven't tried a running skirt over tights yet, but your outfit is very cute. We don't have glass recycling so I have to haul it to a recycling center, and I feel like an alcoholic throwing all my Jack Daniel's bottles in the bins.

  5. I like the pumpkin skirt!

    I can't stand the taste of beer and I'm glad. That way I get to devote more empty calories to dessert. :)

  6. the keg idea, no need to have the neighbors getting the wrong idea! :)

    So glad to hear your motivation is returning. October? What's that?!!? It's NOVEMBER, time to run!

  7. Those leaves!!!! So jealous!

  8. sounds like a great run, and it was beautiful out for one this weekend.

  9. Yay! Look out November, Alma's back running! Good luck!

  10. yay for running!! and the skirt! wait till you see my latest purchase with matching arm sleeves. well, my dad “treated” me. but my christmas list is getting longer!

  11. Hooray for so many things in this post: getting your running groove back, a gorgeous sunrise, great BEER (though I'm more of a wino myself, i will not turn down a delicious brew). :)

    And let's not forget the clean house! Seriously -- I'm happy if I can wipe down the bathroom counters one day, and vacuum downstairs another day. (One of the double-edged swords of working from home: I can vacuum on my lunch break... but I vacuum on my lunch break.)

  12. I LOVE running in the fall, it makes every run SO amazing and beautiful! Good job on your training!

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