Monday, November 28, 2011

November re-cap & December races

Man, I started this month out RIGHT! My running was on track and I even got my first full week of speed work in with NO pain. I thought I was "back." Then, the green virus hit = Sinus pressure so strong I feel like my teeth are going to pop out of my gums. Ug. I'm recovering now but the training is off-track again. So it goes.

Next month is another chance to pick it up again. Somehow, despite being in recovery mode and having trouble with consistent training, I managed to get myself hooked into TWO half marathons and ONE 5k next month! LOCA!

Let's break November down...
  • November mileage = 54 though still two days left (up from 37 in Oct., 47 in Sept.).
  • One week out sick. Blech.
  • Dropped out of Amanda's Holiday Booty Buster Challenge. Lame, I know. I had fun with it last year, but it was stressing me out to have to track everything.
  • 10 running days total (so far), 6 cycling days, 4 strength training days, 1 elliptical day (that almost finished me off).
  • First successful interval (4 x 1,000m) & tempo (4-mile) workouts since June. This included mapping the perfect 2-mile loop on which to run tempos, just <0.5 mile from my house. Includes flats & moderate hills for a great mix (see photo below). 
  • Two long runs with Megan, beautiful fall scenery along Lake Washington (photo 1, photo 2).
  • Received two pairs of Brooks shoes [free] to wear test (sweet!).
  • Enjoyed my CSA produce more than ever with summer gone, the photo of which seemed to be of interest to some folks. I think I will have to post on the crazy veggies later.  
  • Did NOT participate in Black Friday (again) and overcame the urge to buy a Thomas the Train track for the little one to put under the tree (though I caved on a puzzle). Still on track to not overindulge. But I might go back for that Thomas toy.
  • Succumbed to CyberMonday deals and purchased blinds for the new basement bath & bedroom.
  • Panic about what's coming in December with minimal training under my belt: 
    • Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon (mostly a walk) THIS WEEKEND, at the end of a bachelorette weekend. Assuming we finish, this will be RNR event #3 this year! 
    • Santa Runs Tacoma 5k on December 18 with Team Will Run for Ice Cream, dressed as candy canes.
    • Yukon Do It Half Marathon on December 31 in Port Orchard. I only signed up for the race because of the photo they have on their home page. It's beautiful. Or it has the potential to be beautiful, anyway. It could also be 33 degrees and raining this year when I do it. Fingers crossed for clear skies.
Sweeeet 2-mile loop for running tempos
In addition to the hubs being in Puerto Rico for work for a week and all the other holiday work & family parties, it's going to be a busy month. So glad I have these races carved out, even if I end up having to go easy due to lack of training. It's going to feel so good to get out and run with a bunch of festive people (it's been since June, can you believe?).


  1. It's so hard to make training consistent when you keep getting these bugs - I'm just the same, I think it's the time of year. Bring on December - good luck in your races!

  2. You are a busy runner right now!! I'm just getting back into the swing of it with low mileage right now. I can't wait to get back to some races soon!

  3. Have fun in Vegas! (I soooo wish I could be at that race, too, but scheduling just didn't work out for me. Boo!)

    And Yukon Do It... Love the name and the photos! (I'm already getting travel ideas for next winter.) ;)

  4. you are crazy but your crazy makes me feel better about the races I keep getting talked in to :)

    ohh puerto rico, hope you get a little down time between work

  5. Ugh sinus pressure stinks!
    Have the BEST time this weekend! Should be a blast.

  6. The Yukon Half sounds great.

    Good luck this weekend.

  7. I loved RnR Vegas last year! Wish we could do it together!

    I wish I was going to be in town when you were here doing the Yukon as Port Orchard is in my back yard! But I'll be out of the country with the hubs celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary! ;o)

  8. Vegas will be so much fun. Enjoy!!

  9. Oh---we are so going to finish the Vegas Half!!

  10. so jealous of vegas!! and you will be fine-as long as you take it easy :):) this month is insanity. but i love it-and i suck at not overindulging. it makes me feel better about spending my money shopping when its for other people.

  11. Oh my goodness, I thought that picture was the half marathon course...2 mile loops for a half would drive me bananas.

    Can't wait to see you in Tacoma!