Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bizzaro Furman 10k training & other updates

Thank you JESS for the great Pearl Izumi arm warmers and for hosting the Cupcake Classic!
I don't know how to make a proper fist/biceps pose. Instructions anyone? 
I'm still not getting all of my Furman workouts in but last week was an improvement (how did manage the marathon training program earlier this year? Did I dream that?). Life is just too busy sometimes. I did manage to get 2 of 3 key workouts in and was able to run every other day:

Key workout #1: Short ladder intervals. Instead of 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m with 400m RI on the track, I did it all on the elliptical. I used the Furman target paces and just went all out for those interval durations rather than trying to hit those distances on the elliptical. Sounds strange but it was a great workout and left my legs sore for a couple days.

Key workout #2: Mixed pace tempo. Didn't happen. Too sore from key workout #1!

Key workout #3: Long run. This is always my favorite part of the week. As with last week, I met up with Megan (The Daily Sweat) for a beautiful run in fall color along Lake Washington. We ran a 9 mile out & back route between Seward Park and Leschi. Felt great. We saw 49 other runners while we were out!
Megan in action
I only made it to the gym for strength training once (hubs was traveling again = limited "free" time). Bike commuting went reasonably well though.

This next week my goal is to hit all three target workouts, only I think I'll do the Key Workout #1 or #2 on the bike instead of elliptical because that crazy machine too hard on my calf when I try to pick up the speed/intensity. I THINK my calf is healthy enough for slightly longer speed work - maybe that 4 x 1000m workout coming up this week? 


As for the "healthy at any size" topic from last week, I appreciate all the comments. I really do wish we could put a cap & trade system on fats, sugar, and preservatives and figure out a way for everyone to have access to affordable, healthful foods, but I know it would never fly. Imagine the cries in Washington if anyone spoke of additional regulations on industry and development of new federal programs. And I do know that we have a lot of inequity in everything in this country and that we do not all have the same opportunities and that federal programs can help address these gaps. I myself have benefited from affirmative action programs and would never oppose such programs, unpopular as they often are. I still do not think it's fair to tell people that they can be healthy at any size or that they should not take responsibility for their health. It's misleading and harmful.


And in good news, the IAAF has allowed Paula Radcliffe to keep her World Record status. The IAAF stated that the recent rule was not meant to be held to old records; although, isn't that exactly what they said when they made the ruling? Either way, it's good that Paula's record will stand and hopefully we'll see a new women's world record soon to show those at the IAAF that women can run fast, even without male pacers.

Saving more great news for last, the UW women took their FOURTH consecutive NCAA West Regional cross country championship title this weekend. Full results for the meet can be viewed HERE. They, along with Arizona State women XC, will be continuing on to nationals in Kenosha, WI on November 21. GO DAWGS!
I know it's backwards, but you get it.


  1. I love the idea of doing RLRF on the elliptical.... maybe I'll try that! (I really, REALLY hate the elliptical).

  2. What a beautiful shot of you running! I can see why you passed 49 other people out there. Gorgeous!

  3. Look at that gun! Note to self: watch out for the left hook!!!

  4. I am hearing more and more about Furman's plan -- I hope it works well for you!

    And I am pretty sure your bicep picture is correct! :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL fall running picture!! :)

  6. What a GORGEOUS place to run. And where is your header picture from?

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  8. I love the picture of you running along the water, so pretty!

    Very cool about the XC team :). As an assistant XC coach, you know I love it!!

    Nice workouts!! :)