Sunday, October 16, 2011

What? I'm not Wonderwoman?


I THOUGHT I could do it all, but sometimes something has to give. (I spent my childhood wishing I could be as amazing as Lynda Carter - little-known fact about the Average Woman Runner.)

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My hubs has been traveling, work is INTENSE and requiring me to put in extra hours at all hours & days, and I just didn't have time last week for me. At all. I ran Monday (felt great!) knowing it might be my one run all week due to limited child care while hubs was away + busy work, and sure enough, that's all I got.

Today, I got to sneak another run in and it felt SO GOOD after being sedentary all week. I didn't even bike to work last week, I was so pressed for time and worn out! ACK! Well, I'm hoping that today's new POST-INJURY run record (50 minutes, yo!) helped keep my ass from becoming chair shaped...for a couple more days anyway.

I have a HUGE report due Friday so the end is in sight but it's not going to be pretty.

Right now, I'm squeezing a few minutes in to blog as I wait for some risk calculations to come in. I'm at a road block on my work progress so I wait...

and try not to sweat about work...

but the clock is ticking...

and this is when I need the physical sweat the most:  To force me to take deep breaths!

That's how it always goes, right?

I've been meaning to write about how this bizarro-Furman FIRST training thing has been but I've really only completed one week so far. The week before last, I ran easy for my cross-training days and then did my weekly 3-mile tempo on my bike by chugging really hard for 25 minutes, as an equivalent workout.

Then, my "track workout" of 6 x 400m (I cut it down from 8 reps due to time limitation) was done on the elliptical. WTH IS that thing? I kept wanting to pick my feet up, which would then cause me to hit the (moving) footbed and it was all I could do to keep from falling off. And the arm thingys? Forget it.

Anyway, I had a target pace for the 400m repeats so I just went ALL OUT for 1:51 and then took the standard 90-sec rest interval as some "easy ellipticizing." It definitely got my heart rate up so I'm hoping it builds the cardio strength I need when I get back to the regular Furman program. Just not sure about the leg strength improvement.

As soon as I get through this work crunch, I'll get back to training, which includes runs up to 50 minutes now (woot!) and other big, running-related news to share...

BTW - For a little news post-Paula Radcliffe's meeting with the IAAF on 10/12, read HERE.


  1. If you are worried about leg strength make sure you up the resistance. I didn't discover until after a year of off and on use that if you upped the resistance that it actually gave you a workout! i don't know if I got any leg strength from using the eliptical since I lift weights. Good Luck! Those cross-training activities should help with your endurance! Just keep up the intensity!

  2. 50 minutes! yay! What's this big running related news.... do tell :)

  3. I want the BIG news,I want the big news!!!

    Hope you get back to training soon for some sanity!! :D

  4. I feel you on the super busy week! (Maybe it's going around like the flu?)

    And THANKS for the IAAF link. I hadn't seen that news yet.

  5. I love the Furman FIRST program. I have gotten tons of PR's by using it! Blessings as you run!