Sunday, October 2, 2011

Try again: Furman FIRST 10k training starts tomorrow!

Ok, we are not quite 100% back to good health but we're close. Close enough for me to get moving'.

After a delay last week in beginning the Furman FIRST 10k training program (altered for my gimpyness), I'm excited to get back to it. Week 1 listed here (just ignore dates):
But tomorrow is a run day, which means...I'll just run as my cross training and lift some weights. As I mentioned previously, I'll be doing my speed work on the elliptical, bike, or pool. I know, sounds dumb. But until I can get the all-clear for more explosive motions, this is how it is. It will at least get my heart rate up & give me a focus!

In other news...

Has anyone else fallen prey to the daily deals at Skirt Sports? Oy. I have a happy hour skirt AND running dress headed my way. Can't wait to wear, though it's cooling off here so I may not have many chances to wear them outside the gym until an upcoming beach vacation in January (more on that later).


ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL PORTLAND MARATHON! Who is running besides Carla (Foil-wrapped Runner) and Kristin (Running with Runner Girl)? I'll be there cheering on my training partner (who had to train alone all summer, dang). I'd love to cheer on other folks - let me know if you're running!


  1. I am a sucker for ANY limited time deals. I see, "TODAY ONLY!" and have to click. it's a sickness.

    I hope your training goes according to plan this week!

  2. Good luck with the new training programme!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. I so wish you could be there as well! Good luck with the training program, and the new stuff will be super cute on you! Maybe the dress at Maui?

  4. I'm totally shaking my fist (credit card?) at SkirtSports and those deals. Sigh. I've got a T-Shirt and one of those skirt/capri combos coming my way. I would have purchased a couple more Gym Girl Ultras had I realized that the offer expired in 24 hours.

    I'm not sure about that dress thing. Debating if that's "me."

  5. excited to see how your training goes! and sadly, i have a skirts sport skirt and the bike shorts ride up on me. i can only wear them on short runs so i haven’t bought another one. GO GET THE ORANGE SKIRT. you deserve it :)

  6. Yay, the training program is here, bring it on!!