Monday, October 31, 2011

NYC Marathon - maybe by the hair of my chin!

Am I the last person to see the new entry rules for the NYC Marathon?

All I can say is, I'll be getting in by the hair of my chin! Thankfully, I entered the lottery this year and so I am now the last cohort of entrants to have the option of applying for the lottery three years in a row and then getting an auto entry in on the fourth year if I don't get in during the previous three trials. That's 2014 for me, at the latest. Hopefully by then, I'll figure out how to hold it all together and not get injured.

For everyone else trying for the lottery, there is no auto entry after multiple trials & denials. Nope, nope, nope!

And as for qualifying times...FUHGETTABOUTIT!

For women < 39 yrs, you must now run REALLY freaking fast instead of just really fast to qualify. And when I'm 40, still no way. My current best time for running 13 miles would only get me in if I was in the 55-59 age bracket!

Check it out:

AgeMarathon1/2 Marathon

AgeMarathon1/2 Marathon

Because the 2012 race qualifying period is already open, this new policy will take effect beginning with the 2013 race.
By 2015, the NYC marathon will certainly become quite the competitive, fast race indeed. 

In the meantime, I'll be happy to follow my friend K running it this coming weekend. She applied via the lottery this year and GOT IN! Can't wait to track her online and watch the elites running via Universal Sports Network.


  1. I could get in with the current 70+ age group. I'll be entering lottery again :)

  2. Thankfully I have no desire to do NYC! I don't run 3:06 in someone else's dreams (or nightmares).

  3. I'm in the lotto as of this year too but wasn't sure if we were grandfathered in. Good to hear we are!

  4. Thank you for this post! I hadn't heard the new rules. I'll enter the lottery again and be there by 2014 at the latest.

  5. hopefully we will get in the same year! i’m the same as you-first entry this year. my bf has a friend that entered-first time-never done a marathon-still currently smoking and training and will run this weekend. what a fool. :) yes, i am slightly jealous. Savannah will have to do.

  6. Wow! Odd how they lump 18-39 in one group. I'd like to think your average 18 year old could smoke my 35-year old self in any road race. I'm 2x their age!

    Good luck getting in! It shouldn't be so difficult.

  7. I didn't know that NYC marathon time had a qualifying time! That is ridiculous!! I could only qualify in the 70+ group and I thought my 1:56 is a descend time :(

  8. The London marathon used to have a policy of 4th time of applying would get you a place, but not any more! Now I doubt I'll ever get in, but I enter the ballot every year just in case. Good luck...

  9. I always thought if I wanted to run NYC I wanted to do it based on a qualifying time. Before I knew there were qualifying times for NYC, I ran 11 seconds shy of making it. I came home from that half marathon in Atlanta and the xc coach came into my office and told me I missed NYC by 11 seconds (1:44:11 - argh)! Then it became an obsession to make it as those 11 seconds were on a very hilly course so didn't think it would be a problem. Then I got injured. And now it's never going to happen with the new times. Whaaaa!