Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear IAAF...

Subject: Restore Paula Radcliffe's Marathon World Record
Date: October 3, 2011 3:46:07 PM PDT


She earned her finish times using her own body and mind. Having men run alongside or in her vicinity does not change the fact that she ran the fastest 26.2 miles in the world for women. Having fast people in the race can push others to run their best, regardless of gender. The logic behind the new rules is weak and does not create for fair play. The rules should be gender blind. A race ran, is a race ran. 

This isn't just about Paula. You are sending a message to ALL women that our accomplishments are nothing if achieved in the company of men. It's belittling and sexist. When your wife, daughter, sister, mother, or female friend comes home from a co-ed race triumphant with a personal best, will you remind her that her time is invalid because she couldn't possibly have made the mark without the men in the field? 

The new rules are rubbish. They leave one to think that someone in the IAAF is afraid of women.  

The Average Woman Runner 
Seattle, WA



  1. Totally agree.

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  2. Very true. I don't understand why the new men's world record set in Berlin was run with pacers and allowed to stand? Paula is a total hero and the IAAF are total idiots.

  3. I wonder what they had to be smoking to make that ruling. And to make it retroactive. Absurd.

  4. Totally agree! If their thinking makes any sense at order to be valid, one would have to run alone in order to break a record. How ridiculous! As you say, no matter what the gender, we feed off each other in a race.

  5. I think we need (with Alma's permission) to duplicate this letter a MILLION times and send it to the IAAF. How ridiculous!!

  6. So stupid!! How can you take away something like that when those (ridiculous) rules weren't even stated yet. I feel horrible for her! I hope the IAAF is listening...and yea, the world record holder for the men was set with a pacer. Bet they aren't stripping him of his record!

  7. Right on, Alma! I couldn't believe this when I read about it. Nice work standing up for what you believe in......