Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogging is hard on my wallet

What is it with blog land? BEFORE I was sucked into this world, I was content with a few simple running items - tights, pants, shorts, capris, and ONE running skirt.

However, since reading more about other runners (and meeting more local runners) and seeing all their cute clothes, I've started accumulating all kinds of things. It's not a bad thing but lately it's gotten a bit crazy with some sales from SkirtSports and RunningSkirts, and I need to take a break to let my bank account recover.

For example, this just came today from SkirtSports. It fits, very cute (ok, ignore the Punky Mel-style mish-mash of stripes):
Gym Girl Skirt
And about three weeks ago when they were having their daily deals, I also picked up a SkirtSports happy hour skirt (which I wore to the Portland Marathon, loved it, even wore it to work) AND a running dress.

Then today, I saw the RunningSkirts sale and broke down and picked up the pumpkin dot triathlon skirt that I've been eyeing all year.

Fortunately for Carla, I now will not need to steal hers. And I'm not going to mention the few things I picked up at RoadRunner Sports this fall.

Oh yeah, and there is that Sparkle Skirt purchase coming up for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half/bachelorette party. This also will be part of a candy cane costume for the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k. 

Seriously, I'm normally a very cheap frugal person. This is probably more than I've spent on running stuff over the past 10 years.


I realize I'm no where near the skirt collection that Becca (seriously, check out that photo on her page, it is awesome) has but I am curious,

How often do y'all get something new to sweat in? How long do you keep things before they are retired?


  1. We can wear the sparkle skirts in Maui too...haha...

  2. I know just how you feel! I need to put a freeze on my running clothes habit to haha.
    I got a new lululemon skirt last week and a pair of compression socks this week. And I have my eye in some arm sleeves and shoes and rights I want.... I have a running clothes shopping addiction haha. I usually don't retire clothes until the have holes in them or are really worn out but that hasnt happened yet with skirts or tights.

  3. Hope you have room for the prize heading your way!?!? LOL... I totally get ya - I spend so much money shopping "sales" now... but I justify it as a reward for losing weight.

  4. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. I very recently got rid of some stuff but there was more that should have joined the pile.

  5. I rarely throw anything out, and I LOVE buying new runing gear. I love it when I decide I need something! It can be so expensive though...

  6. Yesss! We can be twins someday in our skirts!

    I haven't retired any bottoms yet, but I have retired a few shirts that got too many snags on them.

  7. I wish I had unlimited money for workout clothes. There are so many cute ones now! I have retire mine sooner than I would like due to stink...but Kim at (Just) Trying turned me on to Tide Sport and it works AMAZINGLY well!

  8. That pumpkin skirt is super cute! I think I need to log on over at and see if they still have it!