Monday, October 31, 2011

NYC Marathon - maybe by the hair of my chin!

Am I the last person to see the new entry rules for the NYC Marathon?

All I can say is, I'll be getting in by the hair of my chin! Thankfully, I entered the lottery this year and so I am now the last cohort of entrants to have the option of applying for the lottery three years in a row and then getting an auto entry in on the fourth year if I don't get in during the previous three trials. That's 2014 for me, at the latest. Hopefully by then, I'll figure out how to hold it all together and not get injured.

For everyone else trying for the lottery, there is no auto entry after multiple trials & denials. Nope, nope, nope!

And as for qualifying times...FUHGETTABOUTIT!

For women < 39 yrs, you must now run REALLY freaking fast instead of just really fast to qualify. And when I'm 40, still no way. My current best time for running 13 miles would only get me in if I was in the 55-59 age bracket!

Check it out:

AgeMarathon1/2 Marathon

AgeMarathon1/2 Marathon

Because the 2012 race qualifying period is already open, this new policy will take effect beginning with the 2013 race.
By 2015, the NYC marathon will certainly become quite the competitive, fast race indeed. 

In the meantime, I'll be happy to follow my friend K running it this coming weekend. She applied via the lottery this year and GOT IN! Can't wait to track her online and watch the elites running via Universal Sports Network.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogging is hard on my wallet

What is it with blog land? BEFORE I was sucked into this world, I was content with a few simple running items - tights, pants, shorts, capris, and ONE running skirt.

However, since reading more about other runners (and meeting more local runners) and seeing all their cute clothes, I've started accumulating all kinds of things. It's not a bad thing but lately it's gotten a bit crazy with some sales from SkirtSports and RunningSkirts, and I need to take a break to let my bank account recover.

For example, this just came today from SkirtSports. It fits, very cute (ok, ignore the Punky Mel-style mish-mash of stripes):
Gym Girl Skirt
And about three weeks ago when they were having their daily deals, I also picked up a SkirtSports happy hour skirt (which I wore to the Portland Marathon, loved it, even wore it to work) AND a running dress.

Then today, I saw the RunningSkirts sale and broke down and picked up the pumpkin dot triathlon skirt that I've been eyeing all year.

Fortunately for Carla, I now will not need to steal hers. And I'm not going to mention the few things I picked up at RoadRunner Sports this fall.

Oh yeah, and there is that Sparkle Skirt purchase coming up for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half/bachelorette party. This also will be part of a candy cane costume for the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k. 

Seriously, I'm normally a very cheap frugal person. This is probably more than I've spent on running stuff over the past 10 years.


I realize I'm no where near the skirt collection that Becca (seriously, check out that photo on her page, it is awesome) has but I am curious,

How often do y'all get something new to sweat in? How long do you keep things before they are retired?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New baby!

My new baby, need to decide on a name for her.
Ha! Kind-of like a new baby - I'm quite proud, anyway! NAME SUGGESTIONS?

This Sunday, I am thankful for the family living "up on the plateau" above Microsoft who has a lot more expendable income than me, who purchased a high-end Landice L7 series treadmill and then never really used it, only to sell it seven years later on Craig's List for 22% of the original purchase price to this Average Woman Runner.

Oh, and I'm thankful to my parents for throwing in the upright fan to use next to the new 'mill.

I will appreciate this for all the runs I can squeeze in, particularly when the hubs is traveling and I don't have child care but need to exercise. And my family will be thankful because I'll be a much nicer person to have around if I don't have to struggle as much to get my running workouts in.

I'm so excited! 

I'm thinking it looks rather lonely and plain over in that corner, though, so will need to do some decorating. Maybe start with one of these? Could be quite motivational while doing the 10 x 400m Furman FIRST workout.

Made by Runningonthewall, you can buy a variety of medal & bib hangers by checking out their shop on Etsy HERE. This can also be personalized with your name & comes in 9 colors.

Or this one?
My hometown!
Made by Allied Medal Displays.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I ran for a cupcake today

Happy birthday to Jess
(Women Runners of King County, organized by MomVsMarathon's Kerrie T) 
group mobilized early this morning, in the DARK, to 


AvgWoman, Foil-wrapped Runner, K, Zoe

this one includes Kerrie! 
It's been a long time since I have had the pleasure of running with these ladies and longer since I ran on the Cedar River Trail. The best surprise this morning was seeing ZOE, recently returned from China.

It was a WET one, not the usual drizzle that Seattle is famous for, but the pouring rain that makes it pointless to even think about staying dry. Heading out, we were a dark mass with beaming headlamps. Strange enough, we encountered another group of 4 or 5 women coming toward us on the trail, in the dark (they didn't have headlamps!). We weren't the ONLY crazy ones out this morning? 

The rain subsided a bit as we finished and allowed us to snap a couple photos and munch a cupcake. I had made applesauce spice muffins (why do my muffins stick to the paper?!) for treats, too.

Good luck to 'K' who is running Marine Corps Marathon next weekend & good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Not THIS kind of streaking:

and believe it or not, not this kind either:

United States Running Streak Association
More like work-too-many-days-in-a-row kind:
Too much work!!
I'm ready for a day off. So I can RUN again! As I overcome this injury, I have a few races in mind that I'm excited about. I want to test my legs again! Maybe even a little Pumpkin Push 5k in two weeks?

You know what's REALLY getting me through this crazy work rush?

Thoughts of this upcoming HALF MARATHON (Jan. 22, 2012) for which I am now registered:

Oh yeah, Baby!
And I have THIS lovely lady to thank for the idea of going to Maui in January and running this race:

KIM @ (Just) Trying is for Little Girls
I think I'm the only native Washingtonian who has never been to Hawaii. SO looking forward to this race AND especially looking forward to TRAINING for this race!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What? I'm not Wonderwoman?


I THOUGHT I could do it all, but sometimes something has to give. (I spent my childhood wishing I could be as amazing as Lynda Carter - little-known fact about the Average Woman Runner.)

Click here to purchase at
My hubs has been traveling, work is INTENSE and requiring me to put in extra hours at all hours & days, and I just didn't have time last week for me. At all. I ran Monday (felt great!) knowing it might be my one run all week due to limited child care while hubs was away + busy work, and sure enough, that's all I got.

Today, I got to sneak another run in and it felt SO GOOD after being sedentary all week. I didn't even bike to work last week, I was so pressed for time and worn out! ACK! Well, I'm hoping that today's new POST-INJURY run record (50 minutes, yo!) helped keep my ass from becoming chair shaped...for a couple more days anyway.

I have a HUGE report due Friday so the end is in sight but it's not going to be pretty.

Right now, I'm squeezing a few minutes in to blog as I wait for some risk calculations to come in. I'm at a road block on my work progress so I wait...

and try not to sweat about work...

but the clock is ticking...

and this is when I need the physical sweat the most:  To force me to take deep breaths!

That's how it always goes, right?

I've been meaning to write about how this bizarro-Furman FIRST training thing has been but I've really only completed one week so far. The week before last, I ran easy for my cross-training days and then did my weekly 3-mile tempo on my bike by chugging really hard for 25 minutes, as an equivalent workout.

Then, my "track workout" of 6 x 400m (I cut it down from 8 reps due to time limitation) was done on the elliptical. WTH IS that thing? I kept wanting to pick my feet up, which would then cause me to hit the (moving) footbed and it was all I could do to keep from falling off. And the arm thingys? Forget it.

Anyway, I had a target pace for the 400m repeats so I just went ALL OUT for 1:51 and then took the standard 90-sec rest interval as some "easy ellipticizing." It definitely got my heart rate up so I'm hoping it builds the cardio strength I need when I get back to the regular Furman program. Just not sure about the leg strength improvement.

As soon as I get through this work crunch, I'll get back to training, which includes runs up to 50 minutes now (woot!) and other big, running-related news to share...

BTW - For a little news post-Paula Radcliffe's meeting with the IAAF on 10/12, read HERE.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Portland Marathon (spectator report)

This was the race that wasn't for me:

Not this year.
But my husband and I drove down to Portland yesterday anyway to cheer on our friend, A, who was running Portland as his first ever marathon. A & his wife, E, moved out to Seattle from Indy this summer. Before they moved back out West, I had visited them in Indy and ran the Indy Mini Marathon with A in May. Well, A & I were supposed to train together this summer for Portland but I kinda screwed that one up.

Anyway, we went down to cheer A on and it was AWESOME!

Menu @ Bailey's Tap Room
Cascade Imperial Amber (Portland, OR) and Double Mountain Killer Green Fresh Hop IPA (Hood River, OR) were my favorites. 

Aside from getting to enjoy many, many (like 16?) of Oregon's celebrated microbrews at Bailey's (try their sampler platter), eat warm cookies from the DoubleTree Inn, and ride the Max, we got to see A (and a pile of other runners) at miles 11, 19.5, and 26.
Go A! 

E & A at the finish. Finishers received an additional finisher's shirt, gold bling medal, 40th anniversary medal, a rose, and a Douglas Fir sapling.
I ended up running miles 19.5 - 23 with A and really enjoyed getting to be a very small part of his big marathon experience. It was so emotional watching all the runners on the course, especially at this most challenging portion outside of the downtown core. I was really fighting back the tears at the finish, watching people come down that last chute.


And it makes me so inspired to train and hungry to race!

Notable sights:

  • two guys running completely barefoot
  • Pacific Islander-style guy running with a green headdress, wrist thingys, and loincloth (and he had nice buns, yes)
  • guy I went to college with who I always knew to collect psyilly mushrooms and travel to Ecuador to chill in the jungle with the curanderos (yes, interesting)
  • guy completely garbed in British flags 
  • beautiful views of downtown Portland from the "other" side of the river (I can never get my directions straight in that town)
  • two women crossing the finish together, holding hands, who reminded me of Kerrie and Zoe (totally choked me up) 
  • one turquoise sparkle skirt (woot!)
  • too many bicyclists WITHOUT helmets (what's UP with that PDX? y'all are dense about this one!) 
  • more cute running skirts than I could count
  • thousands of proud faces

Congratulations to A, Carla (I had hoped to see her but did not), Kristen, and everyone else who ran in Portland, Long Beach, and Chicago this weekend! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear IAAF...

Subject: Restore Paula Radcliffe's Marathon World Record
Date: October 3, 2011 3:46:07 PM PDT


She earned her finish times using her own body and mind. Having men run alongside or in her vicinity does not change the fact that she ran the fastest 26.2 miles in the world for women. Having fast people in the race can push others to run their best, regardless of gender. The logic behind the new rules is weak and does not create for fair play. The rules should be gender blind. A race ran, is a race ran. 

This isn't just about Paula. You are sending a message to ALL women that our accomplishments are nothing if achieved in the company of men. It's belittling and sexist. When your wife, daughter, sister, mother, or female friend comes home from a co-ed race triumphant with a personal best, will you remind her that her time is invalid because she couldn't possibly have made the mark without the men in the field? 

The new rules are rubbish. They leave one to think that someone in the IAAF is afraid of women.  

The Average Woman Runner 
Seattle, WA


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Try again: Furman FIRST 10k training starts tomorrow!

Ok, we are not quite 100% back to good health but we're close. Close enough for me to get moving'.

After a delay last week in beginning the Furman FIRST 10k training program (altered for my gimpyness), I'm excited to get back to it. Week 1 listed here (just ignore dates):
But tomorrow is a run day, which means...I'll just run as my cross training and lift some weights. As I mentioned previously, I'll be doing my speed work on the elliptical, bike, or pool. I know, sounds dumb. But until I can get the all-clear for more explosive motions, this is how it is. It will at least get my heart rate up & give me a focus!

In other news...

Has anyone else fallen prey to the daily deals at Skirt Sports? Oy. I have a happy hour skirt AND running dress headed my way. Can't wait to wear, though it's cooling off here so I may not have many chances to wear them outside the gym until an upcoming beach vacation in January (more on that later).


ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL PORTLAND MARATHON! Who is running besides Carla (Foil-wrapped Runner) and Kristin (Running with Runner Girl)? I'll be there cheering on my training partner (who had to train alone all summer, dang). I'd love to cheer on other folks - let me know if you're running!