Friday, September 2, 2011

Zucch THIS!

Thanks for the great ideas on GIANT zucchini usage! For everyone with overgrown gardens, here are some tips:


I actually have a recipe I like where I grate zucchini and yam (dewater), add some seasonings, egg, cornmeal, then pat into little cakes, pan fry or broil, and they become delicious little fritters that I give to the little man as snacks. They keep well in the freezer so you can make them in bulk and use as needed. Quite yummy, healthy, and handy. 

Alki Beach, West Seattle
Today was a run day for me, so the little man and I kicked off the long weekend with a run at Alki Beach and some sand time. Ten kickin' sights included:
  1. A Great Dane whose fur was like a Holstein (black & white spots) - he left major slime on little man's leg
  2. Three guys filming a rap video (boiiiii!)
  3. Stroller Striders group out exercising (will someone pay me to help them workout with their babe & stroller?) 
  4. Two paddle boarders
  5. Seal
  6. Backhoe loader (always a delight) 
  7. Two garbage trucks and one compost truck (flashing lights!) 
  8. Two KIRO newsmen looking for people who were at the mini Statue of Liberty on Alki Beach on 9/11. [I said no. Should have told them that instead, I was at the CDC in Atlanta attending a DOD conference on mustard gas. Odd but true. Ended up driving back to Seattle from Atlanta with my client when all the flights were cancelled.]
  9. Three Bainbridge ferry boats and two West Seattle taxi boats
  10. The cutest little guy EVER:

With that, we're off to the mountains for the next few days. Hopefully I'll get to hike a little, play in the river, and push my next run up to 30 minutes! 

Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone! 


  1. looks like a nice morning..have a good weekend!

  2. Your little man is such a cutie pie! I remember when my entire day could be made by seeing some trucks with flashing lights! *sigh* Those were the days...

  3. Oh my. He is the cutest little guy ever!

  4. Looks like a great beach. How's the running going?

  5. I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Love the beach picture with the skyline in the background and of course the cutest little guy ever :).

    Soooo happy to read your comment on my last blog post, so happy to hear you are making great strides in your PF progress. I think people buy into the concept that this is a doctor, this is what he says, so this is how it is ... and in our cases, it doesn't work because they are so old school and do x, y, and z and if you don't get fixed in those, then let's do surgery. When my podiatrist screamed surgery, I ran - literally - and never looked back. This process of changing our foot strike and fixing weak muscles is tough, very tough, and will take a lot of time, but look how much better we will be for it in the end!! Keep up the excellent progress...I am so excited to follow your journey!! :)

  6. Hi, Alma! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog a few weeks ago. I am happy to hear you are enjoying some of the recipes. I had a few big zucchinis this week as well so I made a Zucchini Linguine. :) I am sorry we missed the BHS reunion. Brad just wasn't into it so we didn't go. Would have been great to meet you. Oh, I love the photos of your little boy at Alki Beach. We live right above the beach so we are down there all the time.
    Take care, Kiersten

  7. You all had such a nice day! Your baby is so cute... have nice runs :)