Friday, September 9, 2011

Minimalist Mondays in PDX

Dr. PT sent me a link today about "Minimalist Mondays" that his clinic Portland. Drat! Anyway, for folks down there with time to run at noon this may be something to look into.

For those of us who are NOT in Portland but are interested in minimalist running, you can see the session re-caps on their website HERE. They post exercises and tips on how to take on this natural way of running.

I've been really discouraged lately with my running which makes no sense at all. I went 7 weeks with a blown calf and was impressively committed (in my opinion!) to maintaining my fitness with cross-training in addition to diligently working on my physical therapy exercises. Well, now that I have the green light to run 30 minutes every other day, I'm really struggling. I feel good when I'm running but I'm missing some days! Also, I have all but stopped with my biking and swimming (burn out?) with the exception of my short bike commute to work, I am tired all the time (no, I'm not pregnant), my calf is aching from my PT session massages, and I'm putting on weight.


This past Thursday, (oh wait, that was only yesterday?) was supposed to be a run day but my calf was super achy so I didn't run (or do anything else). Today my calf is still throbbing by maybe it just needs some blood circulation from a good run...I hope it's in the cards?

Why, after all my time on the DL am I flaking on the running? Perhaps it's because I'm aimless, don't have a finish to my Master Plan for 2011?

It's difficult to figure out how to pull something good out of the rest of 2011 with so little time to train. I had been thinking of pushing for a half at the end of the year but am wondering if I should be conservative and downgrade to training for a 5k? That would mean more speedwork but likely lower mileage. At this point, I'm not sure if long, slow distance or short, faster distance is the safer bet.

Any thoughts?


  1. Good job on your progressing recovery! Sometimes I get mental burnout after a physical injury/set back. I'll take time off from running & do something completely different (a walking club, spin class at the gym, yoga DVD's). Sometimes just a break away from it brings a new outlook. Good luck & keep moving!:)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who suffered from post-injury mojo loss! Like you, I totally couldn't figure out why I wasn't excited to run. Finally, I noodled out that I was really paranoid about hurting myself again. It took me a long time before I really pushed myself hard after being hurt. Also, some of what I felt was like, "What if I'm healed but I still can't reach my goals?" That took longer to get over, but my confidence did return!
    I hope you figure stuff out soon. As for racing, I would look for a distance I'd never done before (5-miler? 8K?), so the pressure to PR is non-existant, but you can get excited about training again.

  3. I have no mojo lately either and not sure why. I am running but lacking the joy. Biking on the other hand......... Good luck.

  4. Sorry you lost your mojo, you and the Mariners, he he he! you'll get it back bc seriously, you are super impressive!

  5. Thanks for sharing that vid on minimalist running.
    Last year when I was having some knee trouble, I too experienced the lack of motivation. Rehabing the knee just made running feel like work. Having to plan every run, and pay such close attention to how I was running and what I was feeling made it all too complicated.

    Hopefully, once you are out of the rehab phase and back to just running the way your body tells you to, not the way your rehab plan does, you'll be a happy running machine!!

  6. You could run such a speedy 5km or 10km. I would focus on that for the end of the year.

  7. Hello....I can so relate!!! At least for me, when I was given the green light to run (April...after being off since last April), it hurt so much to run because the PF was still in full force but I hadn't figured out yet to run on my forefoot and it was sooo frustrating. And it hurt. But all I can say is keep with it and it will get better. Is your PT recommending any calf strengthening exercises? Mine had me do toe raises at the gym daily, if possible. Eventually, and this was a very long time, I got to the point where it no longer hurt my calves to run on my forefoot anymore.

    I felt so lost and alone with no goals whatsoever for a very long time. Almost seemed pointless to go to the pool yet again and swim or hop on the bike because I felt there was no purpose behind it. But there will run stronger if you keep up the XT.

    Hang in there CAN do it!!

  8. okay, so yes, I missed this. Maybe it was the plan that has you worn out? I know you loved it but what about just running for a while to just relax? I had to take a step back a few months ago and do that. I also think you do need a goal and I don’t think a 1/2 is unrealistic. But for fun, not time maybe? just to take it easy? what does the PT say? is vegas still an option? it was awesome…and maybe i should just email you since i am writing a comment that is pages long :)