Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get in mah belleh!

The summer harvests coming in and fall weather approaching triggers the "Cook-In-Massive-Quantities-Then-Freeze" behavior in this house. Despite the 70+ lbs of salmon, crab, chicken, and other goodies in our freezer, we're finding room for more...
Pride & joy of the Pacific Northwest: Salmon! Delicious & nutritious.
So beautiful & fun to watch as they head up the fish ladder @ Issaquah Hatchery

Tangy sweet tomatillos are in season & made for a delicious giant vat of roasted tom. enchilada sauce (Thank you Rick Bayless for your incredible recipes). Froze a couple batches for winter consumption. This will definitely keep us warm in December.
Also, blueberries & peaches are rolling in by the pound. Two loaves of whole wheat blueberry maple braid bread made and not yet disappeared. Been baking a lot of breads lately. Not sure why. It's so strange to bake things that don't require sugar.
Cooked up giant vat of Dungeness crab bisque (we caught the crab outside Port Townsend, WA), which has my favorite wild rice that I order every year from Minnesota HERE. Their whipped hazelnut honey is amazing. Again, couple mini vats stored in the freezer will be TASTY this winter. This week, we're slurping it up with home made herbed whole wheat bread.
This weekend I hope to see if I can get some end-of-summer tomatoes and cook up some marinara sauce to freeze. All the peaches have ended up in my smoothies so none of those for the freezer.

What do you stock up on, if anything? 
Any good tips for hoarding summer to savor later in the winter?


  1. Oh man, I love me some salmon - Northwest Salmon that is. Not the farm raised or polluted East Coast cr@p!

  2. How fabulous is this? Wow! That bread looks awesome. I make and freeze tomato sauce, lots of soups and chili. Would love to do more though.

  3. Besides Chicken, my kitchen staple is beans. Because you can do so much with them.

  4. *drooling* I miss Pacific Northwest salmon! But then again, where I live now we have fresh oysters and gulf shrimp... Maybe it's a fair trade. ;)

  5. Oh gosh, all that stuff looks so good!! My mom used to freeze corn on the cob, it was always soooo good come January (you cut it off the cob before freezing). I should do that for this winter! Thanks for allowing me to remember :).

  6. Love the salmon picture. I got some video of some salmon working hard to get upstream during a hike last year.
    We don't stock up on anything. We should, though. Next year I would definitely like to stock up on berries and freeze them. They are so much more expensive to buy frozen/packaged at the store.

  7. goodness. i do none of this…maybe i should be more proactive to help for the nights i eat alone. :) or i can just fly to seattle and come live in the basement and eat with yall. :)