Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slacker update

I've been lame about posting lately but things have just been busy here at home, at the gym, and at work.

I'm keeping up with blogs, reading but not commenting much, and am really excited about the NUUN HTC relays this weekend. Someone tell me how to use Twitter so I can follow the happenings?

Overall, things are going well. I'm up to 15 minutes of running every other day. Tomorrow morning (7:20 a.m., baby!) I have PT and am hoping to graduate to 20 minute runs.

I'm lifting and getting stronger in my arms but I don't feel any improvement in my core. I'm convinced that Baby F just destroyed my core forever. Little twerp.

Today was my first bike commute since June, yes!, but had to walk my bike up the hill home because my calf was complaining. I really don't want to risk re-injury so I'll take it easy on the hills for a while. It felt so good to zip to work this morning instead of take the light rail.

In other news...

I'm planning a Vegas bachelorette party in December, which culminates in the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon run! I can their website claim that they're the biggest night-time running event when this is going to be their first night-time event? How do they know? I'm curious about who will be performing this year. I am secretly hoping for another Bret Michaels show. H.O.T.

Reading "Racing Weight" and developing a strategy to improve my body composition. My goal: Get down 8 lbs by Thanksgiving and < 20% body fat. It's pretty ambitious since I can't train that hard right now but I'll give it a go and see how I do. Any improvement is welcome and will make me faster. It's a bit arbitrary since I don't have any races to get lean for other than Seattle Half Marathon and I really don't even know if I have time to finish rehab/recovery and train for that. What I need is a late December/early January race but there aren't any around here at that yucky time of year.
Please don't make me sacrifice the good stuff!
More on the "Get me lean" plan later.
Until then, I gotta hit the sack to rest up for PT tomorrow.



  1. Life is crazy for my as well at the moment and it gets so difficult to read and comment everywhere. I seems that you are making progress with your return to running. Just keep listening and doing what you are told to and things will get better quickly.

  2. Hope PT green lights longer runs! Yay for biking to be careful, but keep on doing what you're doing to get stronger. Hang in there :)

  3. So glad you are back to commuting on your bike!

    Yes, I was at YGG last year and don't remember you either:) I'll be back this year too, I hope they put together a dinner the night before.

  4. i would love to start a hood to coast team for next year!! call me if you want a twitter lesson :)

  5. I REALLY want to run Las Vegas, like REALLY bad.