Friday, August 5, 2011

My favorite - FLIES!

So I'm supposed to be doing a lot of balancing stuff for my physical therapy, including standing on one leg on one of these (doing it with eyes closed is the next step):

I was in the gym today, standing on one leg on the disc, listening to Missy Elliot, and thinking about how my arms were just along for a free ride. Laying at my side doin' nothin'. "Aha!" moment. I found something to do with my arms while balancing. Enter these:

and some FLY ACTION! I wish I had a picture. They were brilliant!

Balancing on one leg on the disc, cranking out flies to Missy E. 

This is definitely my new favorite move. You gotta try it!

And for those of you who've had a sweltering summer, this is what our cool summer in Seattle has led us to:

sweaters on trees, yes. your eyes don't deceive you.


  1. Love that last pic!
    What a rock star you are, getting in your upper body work at the same time as balancing stuff! Of course, for me, any upper body movement would completely throw off my balance and send me plummeting to the floor. :P

  2. I have one of those I use for balancing too. Though I have my eyes open watching a DVD.

  3. I have to rock back and forth on one of those thingies to strengthen my takes every ounce of strength I have not to fall off the thing and kill myself.

    Love the tree sweaters!! :)

  4. What is a fly? What are you talking about?!

  5. A true runner...can't let an opportunity pass to make a workout more effective...great job Alma!

    That pic definitely made me smile this morning :)

  6. I saw a "knitted" tree when I was in San Diego last week. You'd think the trees would be warm enough in So Cal, no? ;)