Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fruits of labor

A co-worker hasn't been keeping up with his veggies lately so he brought in the most beautiful chard I've ever seen, tomatoes on the vine, and...

Giant zucchini! 
 Happy to report:

  1. Zucchini did not fall off rack during ride home. 
  2. I didn't bike into any parked cars today.
  3. I decided not to baby the calf and did not walk my bike up the hill home - and calf feels fine!
Suggestions for what to do with a giant zucch? There are plenty more at the office to schlep home. Casserole? Bread? Looking for recipe recommendations.

Upon arriving home, the little man and I picked up the mail. I was quite surprised to find...

Rock Encore: RNR NOLA & Seattle.
Next up will be the Triple Crown after completing RNR Las Vegas!


  1. that zucchini is GINORMOUS. holy cow!

  2. Ooh, pretty medal!

    I just made a pizza roll up that had sauteed zucchini in it.

  3. Zucchini fritters are pretty dang good.

  4. Sorry I don't ever use zucchini! But that sucker is huge! Love the medal!

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  6. Great medal and awesome zucchini!! Love how it was strapped to the bike LOL

  7. "I didn't bike into any parked cars today."


    Zucchini bread - yum.

  8. I've heard of making lasagna with long thin strips of zucchini as the noodles!

  9. Wow.Why did the medal come in the mail? I love it.

    The only thing I know to do is bake bread with the zucchini.

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  12. My mother-in-law makes amazing zucchini brownies with a chocolate icing. Totally healthy since they are made with zucchini! ;)