Tuesday, August 2, 2011

35 min. strength training + PT exercise routine

Is it worth adding a lat row? Pull down? I'm thinking swimming covers a lot of the arm & back stuff?

What? No, it's o.k. you don't have to worry...I have no designs on becoming a graphic artist. Keeping my day job.

38 days since I last ran, but who's counting?


  1. really proud of you for sticking with this recovery and training….and btw, i think you are a fabulous artist :):) no clue about the swimming question but would assume you are okay without adding an additional lat row and pull down.

  2. Keep at it, you'll be back running soon!

  3. Good for you for keeping up with your fitness (even though running isn't an option)! Nice work!

  4. That's the coolest gym workout crib sheet that I've seen LOL!

  5. Nothing tops a lat pulldown!! :)

    Been so there with the non-running, totally sucks!! Big hugs to you!!!!