Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Walking for Mary

This was the fifth year our family team, Walking for Mary, came together for the Swedish SummeRun 5k Run/Walk to remember my Aunt Mary. It's the fifth anniversary of her death due to ovarian cancer. This cancer walk weekend has become a family reunion weekend, all weekend long with lots of laughs, tequila shots, music, bubbles, and good food as family come together from all around.

37 members strong in 2011!
Copyright: Craig Larsen Photography
LAST YEAR, there was quite the show-down between the "older folks" (me and cousin, Army Doc) and little cousin, T. In summary, Little T got creamed by the "older folks!" Apparently, the whoopin' Little T got lasted for quite some time because I heard rumors via Facebook that he was training for the big race with high hopes of showing us up.

I heard this rumor about the time I had just finished an 11-mile tempo run at 7:44 pace. I thought, "HA! Bring it, Little T! He better pack a lunch, because he's going to be out there for a while breathing our dust!" 

Well, as you know, I'm on the DL and cannot run and even walking causes calf pain these days (yes, I've been concealing this fact. 4 weeks post-incident and it still sucks and makes me depressed.) Anyway, I was disappointed I would be a no-show for the show-down and was really counting on Army Doc to pull through for our team.

But oh no - Army Doc was walking this year too (something about the tequila shots)!

You know what?  Little T was "sick" this year and didn't even come for the walk! I think this was pure fear holding him back. By default:

Older Folks = 2
Little T = 0 

The Swedish SummeRun is a fantastic event, dominated by walkers. The teams are amazing and I don't think you could walk among them without getting emotional. So many people have been affected by ovarian cancer and sadly, there are few screening tools and detection is often so late that treatment isn't effective.

Amidst the emotions, we always enjoy ourselves. This year, walking allowed me to enjoy the sights more than last year...

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Mr. F and Baby F

Funniest looking dog we ever saw...oh wait...that's not a dog! 

Well-hydrated non-human primate 

Look closely for the cross-dressing Rabbit

Our team captain & youngest daughter of Aunt Mary on right

Mr. F, Baby F, Avg Woman Runner, and newlywed bride & li'l Bro F wrapping up their WA/BC honeymoon with the cancer walk 

Friend & Average Woman Runner, other team members in line
Team members/family and long line of walkers


  1. What a wonderful event and a great way to remember your Aunt Mary...

  2. This event looks like so much fun! What a great way to get the family together and remembering your aunt :)

  3. The photos and the family bonding (and rivalry) made me smile. Thanks for a great post!

  4. What a great event to honor your Aunt Mary.

  5. What a great way to celebrate your aunt's life.
    What's going on with your calf? So sorry that you are on the DL right now. At least you have your weight training though!

  6. Super event! Walking does help for taking in the sights. So glad I'm slow and always see more than the guys up front. Take care of that calf.