Friday, July 1, 2011


12 weeks. 12 weeks for complete tissue healing.

Portland Marathon is OUT.

MAYBE the half marathon is IN.

That's what my PT (Dr. Brian) said after an initial evaluation today. As we got further into the appointment, though, he did comment that my leg was feeling surprisingly well. Quite low pain level after only one week. I can go up on my toes, I can even hop on one leg. No inflammation or swelling. Minimal tenderness to the touch.

This is all good and much better than I was the first time this happened in 2008.

So maybe I can trim some weeks off that 12 week diagnosis? Pray yes. I honestly can't imagine taking 12 weeks off from training. I feel like I have so little time left this year and so much I wanted to do yet.

Crazy tape job to improve circulation.

Balance exercises, standing on my lame leg on a pillow with eyes closed
Squats, both legs at once
Light stretching, no pain
Hamstring stretch

Swimming = Yes
Aqua Jogging = Yes (I've never done this. Any tips?)
Walking = Not for exercise, avoid hills (in Seattle?)
Bike = Not yet
Elliptical = Not yet

I asked if maybe in 2 weeks I could do elliptical?
"Maybe, we'll see."

He gave me no excuses. He told me this is the perfect opportunity to work on my core. Get to the gym to do some circuit training. BUILD the UPPER BODY, WORK ON THE LEGS, GLUTES, HIPS, and TIGHTEN UP THE CORE.

This is good. I need to maintain my routine and start training up my muscles while I have time. Sitting on my couch eating ice cream, watching Jane Austen, is not getting me anywhere and will slow me down in the end.


  1. Pillow/eyes closed. I've got that one to do too.

    There's running buddies, but there should be PT buddies, too. :)

    I know you are getting better every second!

  2. Oy. I had to do that pillow balancing nonsense too... And it was horrid. I have terrible balance, despite a few years of yoga!

    I def feel you... 12 weeks is rough! But it'll bring you back stronger, especially if you build that core!

  3. Great idea to use the time for core training. You will be a much stronger runner!!! Just hang in there, in the end it all will work out

  4. I have a feeling you'll be back out there sooner than 12 weeks...and stronger than ever!! :)

  5. I love his kick in the pants! When I wasn't able to run, I pouted...and then didn't do much of anything...

  6. I think the 12 weeks is just being cautious. I have faith you will be back in no time.

  7. Stay positive and cautious. Going too hard too soon could make it a lot longer than 12 weeks. And if you are lucky, you'll heal quick and it will be far less than 12 weeks. Thinking of you!

  8. Love the new header--my fav, "Yes, they are real".

    I often wish my core was stronger, especially at the track. Maybe this training can be a springboard into November--there's always the Amica Seattle event on Thanksgiving weekend, right?

  9. Nice header!

    Boo on 12 weeks, ugh! I've heard though, that water running can be as good of a workout as regular running. I've never done it though.

  10. SUAR trained for Boston partially with aqua running. She has some pretty good/informative posts on it.

  11. Deena Kastor ran on an underwater treadmill to train for Chicago (?), which she won. I think this was in Spirit of the Marathon, but I'm not sure. So aqua jogging sounds excellent! I can attest to the effectiveness of water aerobics too, as it helped me lost every pound after my first baby.

  12. Glad it's not toooo bad. If you run a lot, you are always going to get some injuries at some point I suppose, and it can be a good opportunity to cross train and improve strength. My months off of running got me into cycling, and I've kept that up, plus I started pilates and joined a gym, so all those are now extra benefits now I'm running again.

    Don't rush it back and make it worse! Hope it heals up fast. Love the new look blog!

  13. Listen to your PT and good luck.

  14. First, love the new header. Second, ugh. I'm so sorry it is 12 weeks but it sounds like you are prepared to trim that. I know you can!

    Healing thoughts sent your way!

  15. LOVE the new header!! I cracked up at the "Yes, they're real" pic. :)
    You seem very positive and upbeat and I'm really happy to read that. My fingers are crossed for less than 12 weeks of recovery and coming back way stronger because of all your core work!

  16. I have a feeling you'll be back out there in less than 12 weeks. You were in great shape before the injury, so that will definitely help your recovery.

    I do LOTS of balancing exercises as part of my PT and strength-training. The core and strength work you have to do WILL make you a better runner.

    I will keep praying for you to heal quickly!

  17. Prognosis sucks - sucks - sucks. But you will get better.

  18. Aqua jogging is hard, so it's definitely worth a try! I hope you heal fast and can enjoy building your strength other ways!