Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm your average MEAN woman non-runner now

It sucks being side-lined.

The weather has been gorgeous in Seattle and the mornings are PERFECT running and bike-commuting weather. Earlier this week, as I was walking from work to the pool to get my swim on, I saw a number of bikers and runners out.

I'm 97.6% sure they were out just to mock me. I swear. I wanted to push all the cyclists over and trip the runners. If I can't run, NO ONE should be able to run within my eyesight. That's how it SHOULD be because I'm your average MEAN woman non-runner now.

Is that redundant, average = mean? Oh, you know what I mean! Oh heck, that's three different meanings for the word mean.

Ok, so mean girl here trying to see the upsides of being side-lined:

  1. No more gym bag schlepping. My swimsuit/goggles/cap fit neatly into my big purse. I'm sure other train commuters appreciate me taking up less space. 
  2. Fewer loads of laundry. Just think of all the running / cycling clothes I'm NOT using & getting all sweaty! This also means lower water and energy consumption. I'm green!
  3. Regular showers (thanks to lap swim). Yes, with regular lap swimming, I'll definitely be showering (with soap!) to get that nasty chlorine off AND I will be shaving my legs on a more regular basis. j.k. Swimming counts as showering, right?
  4. Working the weights. I'm finally getting to that core work and light weight training that I've been meaning to do along with the Run Less, Run Faster training program. 
  5. I get to be grumpy with good reason. I think I can play my "I'm injured" card for the next 10 weeks, right? This gives me instant forgiveness from everyone for being grumpy and downright mean. This also allows me to throw an on-line pity party for myself at least once per week.
  6. No guilt for being lazy on vacation. I'm off to Michigan/Illinois next week to see family and will not have access to a gym. I will have access to flat country roads for easy walking and one pond for floating. Not much I can do to maintain my swimming routine until I return. 
  7. My work clothes may start to fit me again. Now that I'm not marathon training, I just might put some of that weight back on. While most people would see this as a negative, I'm thinking it will be great that my once-too-big clothes will fit again. Maybe I won't even need to use belts anymore! 
I'm sure there are other good things coming out of this.

Do you have anything to add to this list? 

I'll be offline most of next week while floating on my in-laws' pond drinking Gobels & Bells. Good luck to folks racing this weekend and I look forward to getting caught up on blogland when I return.


  1. Oh boy...I floated in the middle of a cove last night. Just me in the middle of all that water with my face toward Heaven and my eyes closed, resting and floating and silence. It was the best feeling ever!!!
    I was somewhat concerned someone would dial 911 about a floater in the river, but no one did :-)

    Have a great vacation!

  2. Ahhh, nothing like a good case of the grumpies! Think of all the mental endurance you're building right now - the next time you're in the middle of a race thinking how much it sucks, you'll know that not running sucks worse.
    I hope you have a fun time on vacation!

  3. I feel for you. Yes, be mad at all those runners and bikers. I totally don't blame you.

  4. Um. I feel this way when I'm sitting at my desk and someone runs by. How DARE they! Don't they know I'd rather be out there with them instead of writing about "spectacular trains" for the 100th time? Sheesh. So inconsiderate.

    Have fun on vacay!

  5. Enjoy your vacation! I too have harbored ill wishes towards those who are able to run when I am injured. Hang in there!

  6. I laughed and groaned with you on this one. (What can I say, I'm a sucker for grammar and statistics jokes?)

    Once you get used to your new workout schedule, it will get better... but the first days of "no running" are definite grumpy-inducing. Keep up the positive thoughts! It will get better!

  7. Swimming totally counts as showering. And great point about the laundry! I have to haul my crap off to a laundromat a few times a week; maybe an injury would save my wallet & the environment a bit more.

    I know you mean this post with a grain of salt & it did give me a chuckle. Get better SOON!


  8. Way to find the silver lining...I think LOL Keep your chin up! It's only temporary! Miss you!

  9. Another upside is how much you will appreciate being able to run when you get back to it. My husband said I can't get injured again because I was a pain in the backside when I couldn't run - good luck and take care!

  10. Have a great vacation! Maybe this week of enforced rest will help you heal faster?

  11. Way to look on the bright side! Not running can be tough but sometimes it's good for you and you come back even stronger :).
    Have a great time!