Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First sweat

Ok, you can't see the Rose-style sweat but I swear it was there!
OH SO HAPPY AFTER my first dry-land sweat since JUNE 25!

As much as I like lap swim, I've been dying to get back onto dry land for a workout with sweat I can actually feel. Dripping off my arms and face.

With clearance from Dr. PT at last appointment, I tried spinning:

  • Low resistance ("Level 1" on stationary bike) 
  • High RPM (stayed between 110-125 for workout)
  • iPod shuffle on random: Nirvana, Franz Ferdinand, Lady Gaga, Paul Abdul, ACDC, Michael Jackson, and more good ones...oh yes, so good I had to sing out loud 
  • $1.99 Goodwill-find Nike Dryfit capris (mostly newish) - for good luck of course 


  • Lots of feel-good sweat and a giant smile on my face 
  • 10.8 miles in 30 minutes, followed up with < 2 miles during 5 minute cool-down
  • No calf pain!

After I change the laundry over, I'm going to squeeze in a Dimity Core workout or some Jillian core work. Tomorrow, I'll give the bike a break and stick with the pool. Thursday, goin' for another spin!


  1. You are doing so good with your alternative work outs! Once you are back running, you will see the benefits of cross training.

  2. You should take the stationary bike outside - that way you'll be acclimated once you get back on your feet!

  3. Good job on the xt. You will definitely see the hard work will pay off!

  4. Spinning is a great workout. I wish my little tiny gym offered spin classes more than once a week in the evening.

  5. WooHoo for no pain. Gotta admit though, you wont catch me at spinning. I went to one with my aunt and it about killed me. Evidently it was advanced since the lady kept screaming at us to get our rears off the seat. Yeah I didn't go back. Felt like I was going to drop to the floor once I stepped off the bike. My aunt's legs look amazing though so it works. Good luck!!

  6. Wooohoo to sweat! I can so relate to the need!!!!