Monday, July 18, 2011

Back with a splash

We're back from vacation, during which time I did NOTHING to maintain my fitness unless you count watching the kids in my in-laws' pond as they hunted for frogs, turtles, and fish and do crazy flips off the diving board? I was even too scared to jump on the trampoline with the little ones for fear of getting carried away and making the bad calf sad. Baby F loved it all though.

This was a good Monday as I was so very eager to get back into the pool and get a workout in. It was so hard being away from the gym for a week!

I got 1400m in today, doing sets of (2 laps x kick or pull buoy + 3 laps freestyle). I struggled a bit, definitely feeling my fitness deteriorating but hopefully I can maintain what I've got now that I'm home and can get back into a routine.

This week, I have clearance to try to spin! This is o.k. as long as I feel no pain, don't get out of my saddle, and keep resistance low. I'm going to give the spin a spin tomorrow...

I was supposed to return to the physical therapist this week after missing last week but had to cancel my appointment due to a schedule conflict. Now, next available appointment isn't until NEXT FRIDAY! That's pretty much 3 weeks without seeing the doc and that makes me very frustrated.


Otherwise, my brain is spinning itself in circles due to the lack of training. Nothing to obsess about!

To keep myself occupied, I'm finally reading Parenting with Love and Logic by Cline & Fay that everyone raves about (anyone out there read this?). I think I've read at least 100 baby/toddler-related books in the last 2+ years. Other than one sleep training book, which is like my bible, not sure if I've been able to incorporate anything or not?

Also, based on this book review, I picked up Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. At the close of my Seattle RNR training, I had been frustrated with my body composition (duh, I haven't been on a regular weight training routine since 2008) and had been intending on trying to work on my muscle:fat mass ratio so maybe this book will give me some pointers on how to pull it all together?


  1. Love that cute! :)

    Do keep taking good care of your calf...a little break will only have done you good...and now you're back to training :)

  2. welcome back! i bet that rest was good for your leg. :)

  3. I can't imagine what I would do if I couldn't sweat! I feel SO bad for you. :( But I did just read your newer post that you finally got to spin! yay! I too am struggling with my muscle mass or lack there of, so I've started a weight routine again in hopes I get in the gym 2 days a week.