Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aqua Run - Fail (>>Rehab Plan, Version 2)

Ok, so the rehab plan is in effect, but two days in I'm already on Version 2.

I got into my gym this week only to realize for the first time, despite having swam there for over a year, that the maximum pool depth is 5 ft. You're NOT supposed to be able to touch the bottom when you aqua jog and I'm > 5 feet tall. I tried anyway, for about 5 minutes, and it made me nervous hitting the bottom so I switched over to regular lap swim. Damn.

In order to get any aqua running in, I'm going to have to DRIVE to a different pool (as opposed to walking 5 blocks from work to my current pool). This might not be a big deal to others but I don't drive to work (bike or light rail) and I consider it to be a big pain in the ass & waste of time. My days are already scheduled pretty tight so I think if I make that work, it will have to be on a weekend day. For now, I'll focus on swimming near work and if I can get to the pool on the weekend to jog, that will just be a bonus for the week.


So here's the deal. My goal will be to swim every day that I have child care (Mon - Thurs). I just need to get into work a little bit earlier (i.e., on time) to make up for the time lost swimming. No biggie. Dr. PT has stressed the importance of tightening up my core and getting some weight training in, too.

But where do I fit that in? I'd love to spend more time at the gym doing circuit training AND swimming but I don't know that I want to sacrifice the cardio time in the pool.


Tonight I dusted off my No More Trouble Zones (Jillian Michaels) and my hand weights and gave it a go. That 40 minutes almost did me in! I think this will be a good substitute for circuit training because its a great core, arm, glute, leg workout but I can do it in the evening at home without missing out on much QT with the hubs. There are some moves I just can't perform due to my calf but I will substitute squats or other Dr. PT-approved movements at those times. I'm ready for Jillian to destroy my muffin top! 

Sound O.K.? Thoughts? Should I be making more of an effort to get to the deep pool to aqua jog instead of swimming laps in the convenient pool? Anyone out there who has done Jillian's No More Trouble Zones think this is a decent substitute for circuit training?

So here is Version 2:

I'm on vacation next week and will not have access to my gym, which is a shame because Dr. PT said I could spin next week (stay in saddle, light resistance, only with no pain)! I'll be in a hotel beginning on Thursday so assuming I can find some time amidst wedding activities, I'll try to find a stationary bike at the hotel. Woot!

On the PT front, new homework for this week includes light toe raises (most of weight on strong leg), more balancing work, and slightly more aggressive stretching.


  1. It's so hard trying to fit everything around work and children, especially when the facilities you need aren't there. I think you're doing a great job of making it work. Good luck!

  2. Sounds like a great plan to me :)

  3. I'm certainly not an expert, but I don't think it'll do you any harm to skip the aquajogging. The fact is, when you get back to running, your legs will be starting from scratch no matter what you've been doing in your time off. Keeping up your cardio with swimming is every bit as good for you as aquajogging.

  4. Toe raises are tough with a bad calf. I think your homework is rough!
    Way to improvise and figure this all out. I hope you find a bike next week on vaca.

  5. Finally have internet and catch up on your blog-crossing fingers that you heal faster this go round-something tells me you will. I am so proud of your positive attitude and determination. thank you for the inspiration. :)

  6. I hear that Jillian Michaels is hard-core. I think she is a fine substitute for other strength work you would be doing.