Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things you DON'T see when running in Seattle

I had a quick trip down to Arizona for a public meeting this week. With all the rain in Seattle lately, a short stint in the sun was quite welcome. Fortunately, I was able to stay at a nice golf resort (Gold Canyon, east of Apache Junction/Phoenix) and squeeze in a < 8 mile run in before flying home.

Here are a few of the sights from my warm, morning desert run that I do NOT see when I'm cruising around Seattle...

Trees with chlorophyll in the bark - green trunks & branches! (paloverde tree)
Many, many little rabbits with the cutest butts ever. Can you see him?

Saguaro cacti
Red dirt trails, red rock mountains

Dry landscape. Yes, I lost that layer of mold that grew over my skin this past winter.
Oh my squinty eyes! Overcast, yes, but still so bright for my cave eyes!

Golf course with succulent landscaping and "adobe" type architecture.
Now, back to Seattle and the rain. Fortunately, I'll be back down in Gold Canyon country in a couple weeks. WOOT!


  1. Wow, that desert landscape is incredible! I think the views from running in Scotland are more similar to those in Seattle - i.e. we get loads of rain!

  2. Oh wow - You're all practiced up w/ sweating your thorns off!! :)

    You can totally count some of your RnR Seattle miles as credit for the Virtual Race. (Conversely, you can run it earlier in the week... I'm flexible AND easy)

    BTW - 11 miles of tempo is crazy-talk. NICE WORK!

  3. Nice run. I ran a 5k in Arizona in January--fun, fun. It's nice to visit there when it's so wet and gloomy in the PNW.

  4. What a gorgeous place! Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics - esp the cute wee bunny!

  5. That looks just beautiful!

  6. Dry dry dry. I got a laugh out of your "mold" comment. So true.

  7. I have run in Seattle and I have run in Arizona. I prefer Seattle and would not be disappointed if I never saw another cactus again - ever.

  8. Cacti! I'm longing for warmer weather, but I afraid as soon as it's here I'm going to want cooler temps when running. Guess that's what AM running is for, right?

  9. Great pictures! Love the little rabbit. Those saguaro cacti are so neat looking!

  10. How did you fare running in AZ? I'm going in about a week and am worried that the heat will kick my butt and I won't be able to make it very far. Do you have any tips/advice?

  11. lucky you are to get to pop over there once in a while!