Monday, June 6, 2011

Feedback (and sometimes back-talk)

Welcome new readers, thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate getting comments from everyone and am so grateful for the great advice and support from Bloglandia

And, THANK YOU everyone for the feed back on the last few posts. I learned:

1. The amount of rest / time off after a big race varies for everyone. 
Some folks out there are running the day after a marathon, like it's no biggie. These people are not human, they are automaton. Bionic. Super-humans. Others take some time off before training again but overall, it seemed most people take about a week. Y'all are NUTS! I love it!

I'm usually pretty wiped out after longer races (half marathon) and runs so I'm thinking I will need a week completely off running with just cross-training. I KNOW I will be S. O. R. E.  Then, I plan to spend another two weeks just easy running with no speed/hill workouts. THEN, it will be back to marathon training for #2: Portland, OR. I'm hoping three weeks of rest/easy running will be enough because I am merely human. An average one at that.

2. Yes, marathon training makes you look at yourself differently and really has made a lot of you out there crazy (like me). 
I'm so happy to hear others out there have been busting through barriers and accomplishing new feats in running. ROCK ON!

3. Purple rules.
Maybe it's because I love Prince? The turquoise & green Sparkle Skirts were attractive too and would have been useful for my annual ovarian cancer walk (turquoise is theme color) and St. Patty's Day/Christmas runs (green) but...y'all agreed that purple was the best. Thanks for helping me break that 3-way tie.

4. Sugar & salt are what runners are made of. 
Ok, so most of you carry your own fuel that you train with (I'll definitely be taking my Perpetuem on my marathon adventure). As for salt, many people just don't seem to worry about it or just rely on what is included in the sports drinks and fuels. Since I've been training on long runs with NUUN I don't want to completely drop it on race day. Despite being at least AVERAGE, it never occurred to me that on race day I can add my NUUN to my Perpetuem bottle as opposed to sitting at a water station trying to dissolve a tablet in a water cup. DUH.

A couple people recommended SCaps / Succeed Caps but since I happened to be at RoadRunner Sports this weekend and my available time for "shopping" is quite limited, I went ahead and bought what they had in stock - Salt Stick Caps. They have nearly the sodium content as the SCaps so I think I'll give them a try. My plan will be to take in NUUN the week of the race, then the capsules pre-race and during race (I will test them out on this weekend's "long" 13 mile run). After I use up the Salt Stick Caps, I'll probably switch to the SCaps (for Portland Marathon training) since they come so highly recommended.

HOWEVER, I am so very tempted by one suggestion to try Clif Shot Blocks in MARGARITA flavor, with extra salt (thanks Richelle). How did I not know about these? I have a hard time with solids because they get stuck to my teeth but I'm willing to give them another try for a margarita experience. Maybe for my next half marathon?

Also, I'm 90% leaning toward not carrying my own water since it won't be enough to last the whole race anyway. I love having my water with me at all times because I'm a THIRSTY GIRL but I think the water stations are closely spaced and I should be ok as long as I make myself take the time to drink. (I tend to get hard-headed about slowing to take water if I'm not carrying it.)

And I just can't post without a pic...

Not so long ago, a river ran through our basement but now it is bone dry, framed, wired, insulated, and dry wall has been hung (not shown here). This very corner you are viewing is where my not-yet-purchased treadmill will reside and on that wall between the windows will hang my not-yet-purchased medal hanger!

SO excited to be able to run during Baby F's nap/sleep times. 


  1. So glad that your basement is almost finished! I hope you like the Shot Bloks!

  2. Margarita shot blocks. Totally checking those out...

  3. dittos Kittee - must find margarita shot blocks

  4. Marathon is the best, I LOVE MARATHON. eduardo