Thursday, June 23, 2011

Damn you, Reason!

THANK YOU everyone for your support and advice. Although, I wish I could do as Foil-Wrapped Runner Carla said and take my head off for the week and put it back on race day since I’m so distracted!

Taper Activities:
As several people suggested, I ditched the track workout on Tuesday. Today, I plan to go for another easy jog with him then it’s off until race morning. 

Friday after attending the Expo, I plan to do another Rodney Yee “Yoga for Athletes” session because it’s so great about loosening my hips & hams. (Does anyone else use his DVD’s? I think they’re fantastic.)

For taper fueling, I’m making sure I’m hydrated and full of electrolytes. I’m also backing off on the fiber beginning tonight and am cutting out dairy completely until after the race. I think I read those recommendations on SUAR?

Friday night after the BLOGGY MEET-UP DINNER that kick-butt Tall Mom Mel is organizing, I will double-check all my gear and hopefully get some sleep.

Pre-Race Meal:
As for race morning logistics, I’m getting picked up at 4:15 a.m. by my super fast friend (she runs a 3:20-3:25 marathon!) and likely will not even be hungry at that time. I’ll have a little toast with PB + banana since I sometimes use that pre-run and know it works. I’ll then take my Perpetuem drink with me and take it closer to the race start, as suggested by Kickin' It With Kangaroos.  

Jamoosh was wise in recommending that I put off weather-related decisions until the day before the race since our forecast changes every 8 hours or so. The predicted temperature will help me finally decide if I will carry water or not. Two things I know for sure:

1) I’m wearing my purple sparkle skirt, and 
2) I’ll be wearing my cool race pace band that I won from Races2Remember in a give-away that Elizabeth (Running for Bling) hosted. Their bands are tailored to your specific course, taking into account elevation changes & everything! 

Race Goal:
I’m not going to mess around.

I have one goal for this first marathon. If I don’t make it, I just hope to finish because if I don’t hit my primary goal, my time really doesn’t matter since it’s my first marathon anyway. 

So I’m going to lay it all out there on the course. If the stars align and I am fueled, hydrated, rested, and my head is on straight, I will run a 3:45. The course is hilly so that will certainly be a challenge. But, my training has gone quite well and I think have a slim shot at actually pulling this off. (Arrogant? Naive? Both?)

I figure this is my one shot at qualifying for Boston under the more lenient standard and I’m GOING FOR IT. In the future, I will have to run closer to a 3:35 to qualify, which seems ridiculously fast to me so I’m hoping to run smart and fast and see what happens. If I don’t hit that goal, then I just want to finish with a smile for having completed my first ever 26.2. 

Here goes nothing…everything!

Look for me in the purple sparkle skirt - #7142


  1. I’m so excited for you!!! What’s your bib #? I think I can track you from the website. I know you will do great!! Swift feet and most importantly- HAVE FUN!!

  2. Best of luck!!!!! Have a great run!

  3. I'm so excited for you, it's going to be great!! Sparkle skirts pretty much guarantee a great race, right?!

  4. Hope to see you Friday evening (I won't be eating dinner there, but I hope to swing by) or Saturday morning. Go kick some ass!

  5. Here's to a BQ first marathon, speedy!

  6. Good luck with that goal and have fun.

  7. I am so, so, so, SOOOOOOOOO excited for you!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for good weather and an all-around wonderful day for you. Go kick ass, Alma!!!

  8. Go for it!!!! I know you can do it!

  9. You'll eat the 3:45 for breakfast. hahaha. We have to run together this summer!!

  10. Best of luck - and don't forget to make a sacrifice to the Weather Gods!

  11. have fun and good luck!

  12. Have a fantastic time and good luck!