Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The chafe

Packing for another trip to sunny Arizona, I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect some short-short running shorts from my old days so I could move my tan lines up a bit. Turns out, that was a BAD IDEA.

Nike of course. They really do make the best clothes.
First, my phone alarm failed and I missed my opportunity to do Track Tuesday workout before work this morning.

Second, as it was 105 degrees this afternoon, I had to opt for a treadmill interval session in the hotel fitness room in order to get my workout in. Damn! Missed opportunity to get some sun & VitD production (it's 60 and raining in Seattle now).

Third, not only did I NOT get a better tan line wearing short-short running shorts outside this morning, I got some serious chafe after one hour of running in them instead (warm-up, 5x1000m @ 6:49 pace with 400m RI, cool-down). Back in the day, my thighs did not touch (when I was 5?). I used to run fast in these shorts! Back in the day. Now, my thighs burn.

Which brings me to some things to work toward before the Portland Marathon:
  •  Increase lean body mass, bring that fat % down (which means I should go get it measured now so I can check again in Sept before PDX). 
  • Say good-bye to shorts. Anything but compression shorts either bunch up in the crotch or allow chafing. THANK GOODNESS for running skirts. 
What do the guys do to combat this?

Depressing. I had to make myself feel better by listening to the P-Funk on the walk back to my room then drown myself in a Cadillac margarita (to go with my arugula, beet, chevre salad).

Oh, took this at lunch today for your viewing pleasure...

Uptown Cafe, Superior, AZ
Good things today:
  • Treadmill interval workout felt great. 
  • I managed to find the Tempe RoadRunner Sports to pick up a singlet for next week's marathon, some new Reef chanclas, and a new Nathan 2-bottle water belt since the elastic on my current one is all stretched out & loose.
  • My margarita was much tastier than the Four Peaks Kiltlifter Amber I had last night. It was "eh." And my salad kicked ass.


  1. 1. Bodyglide
    2. Compression shorts
    3. Starve myself into looking like my 12 yr old

    That salad sounds rad. I loooove beets.

  2. 1 - Compression shorts
    2 - Sportshield!

  3. I second the body glide! It works wonders!
    That is really really hot! Good job getting your workout in regardless!

  4. Thirds for BodyGlide. Thighs, toes, bra line - it works everywhere! No matter what I weigh, my thighs always touch. I've never had chafing with BodyGlide.

    I don't wear shorts. Like you said - they start at the thigh and end up in the crotch. Annoying. I just wear skirts or capris.

  5. Do not beat yourself up. You look amazing! No one would believe you have a little one at home.

    No thank you on the beets, but the margarita sounds excellent!

  6. I CANNOT run more than two miles without bodyglide or vaseline on my thighs. Body glide is numbered among the VERY few things I must have.

  7. Yep, bodyglide or sportshield! My thighs are always going to touch. I can't seem to get comfortable in running shorts. they poof up in the crotch area and I don't get it. Skirts for me!

  8. running skirts and body glide for me

  9. I love Nike too. Friday I am going by an outlet on my way to visit a friend.

  10. Body glide...oh too late, that answer's already been given I see :)
    Running skirts do rock!

  11. same thing happened to me monday. wore shorts on the treadmill. not cool. forgot the body glide. ouch in the shower. i’m a lover of skirts!! and sadly, i am not sure if my thighs will ever not touch. doesn’t look likely. :) good luck!!

  12. ahh the hotel treadmill, i've been there this week. Your rocked that speedwork!

    The chaf...seriously, the days I forget my body glide i just want to kick myself. I mean really at this point i just know better!