Sunday, May 1, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS to all the runners out there who competed in their big spring races this weekend. We had lots of PR's in blogland, very inspiring! Thankfully for those in the PNW, we had amazing weather.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was preparing for my spring "A" race this coming weekend (Indianapolis Mini Marathon). Saturday, I went into my local FleetFeet store to pick up a waist pouch to carry my too-large Droid. I thought I might get crazy and get a new running hat or visor! But instead I started looking at the new running shoes (I have 3 pairs of "new" running shoes in my closet right now, clearly the last thing I needed to be looking at).

FleetFeet carries the Vibram Five Fingers and I've really been wanting to try them on. What could it hurt? (Besides, oh, about $100 + 9.8% sales tax.)

With a fair amount of effort, I donned those ridiculous looking Bikilas and ran up and down the block a few times. They felt GOOD.

How serious am I about my new running technique? Am I going to transition to running barefoot completely? It certainly isn't worth spending $100 on "barefoot" shoes to run 10 minutes once per week!

Would I really use these? Will they become the new BFF for my feet?

What to do? $100 is not insignificant for me. And I am NOT a spontaneous shopper! I mean, I've been courting my first Garmin for over a year and still do not see a marriage in my future!
Wouldn't you know, I walked out of that store with those Bikilas under my arm.

I'm nervous and excited. I can't decide if I should keep or return them for a visor! I emailed my physical therapist to get his advice so look forward to hearing him. In the meantime, I'm NOT wearing them outdoors and I'm looking for advice from folks out there on how to break these in.

Other thoughts? Should I just stick with the socks on the treadmill and smooth sidewalks and save the $$?

Do you ever get over the silly appearance? Or does the odd appearance become a badge of honor?

My almost 2-yr old took one look at them and exclaimed, though questioningly, "Feet! Feet?"


  1. I'm not convinced by the barefoot craze - I can't help but think it's just a fad. Still, I'll be interested to see how you get on with it - keep us posted!

  2. I"m not the person to ask. I am trying to land flat footed but that is about it. Good luck. Curious what your PT says.

  3. My PT has already hinted that VFFs would be the next step...from my racers. As he says, it is a fad, but it is a research supported one. The PT clinic I go to is extremely supportive of minimalist/barefoot running. Looking forward to hearing what your PT has to say!

  4. I've been there! I've wondered! I bought mine about a year ago after being caught up on the pricetag for a while. Do it. It was worth it for me. I do not yet run in them, but I've gone on long walks with them and have been impressed. Now that my half is over, my next step is to experiment running with them. I want to ditch my orthotics. I want strong feet. Now that the cold is over I'll use them once or twice a week for everyday wear and transition into running with them as often as it's comfortable.

    You stop caring how they look after a while. Sometimes people notice them, but a lot of times people don't look at your feet.

  5. The funny looks are totally a badge of honor!! :) Don't run in them for a while - just wear them around the house and get used to taking tiny steps on the middle of your foot. It feels SO different, even if you're already a midfoot striker.

  6. My H has been running in them, but isn't following the directions and is having a really tough time adjusting.

    I don't know, I've read info going both ways on the barefoot madness. I don't think it's for me, yet, but I could see working into a more minimal shoe at some point... I cannot see, in any circumstance, running barefoot on the road. Too much junk on the ground that I don't want stabbing me.

  7. Are you ready for Indy?!?! I am in corral J, but newbie and I will be their Friday and I think he is in your corral. Hopefully, we will see eachother!

  8. I bought a pair last year and so far only walked in them. I'm planning on starting to run in them this year. I'm interested to hear what your chiropractor thinks about them :)

  9. I have a pair of VFFs and dont like them much for running (walking is good though).That being said, I've been working on form and have been running shorter runs in the Pearl Izumi streak IIs (their minimalist shoe) and I LOVE them

  10. I can't get over the looks. I just can't. I can only imagine what they would smell like in the hot humid Atlanta summers too!

    I have mixed feelings about the barefoot thing. I have a pair of Nike Free's though but I have yet to run in them. The idea of changing up my stride is so intimidating to me! I am a terrible heel striker.

  11. the big foot doctor in atl jokes about how he love them bc they keep him in business. i have a pair but only walk, lift weights, elliptical, etc. in them. i’m too scared i’m going to hurt myself and always seem to be training for something and don’t want to risk it. they do help build up your feet/arch support. can’t wait to see what you think!