Sunday, May 22, 2011

The upside of running around a lake

This weekend's long run was around Lake Sammamish, for a total distance of 22.3 miles in 3:13. YOWZA!
Nice & flat for the first half. The hills look worse than they actually were.
I started/finished at Lake Sammamish State Park. Perfect for a post-run "ice bath," a benefit of this lake run. Right after finishing, I waded into the lake to ice my sore feet and legs. Ahhhhh!

60-degree water was quite frigid but refreshing.
There was even a swimmer out doing laps, which made me cringe. I don't care how thick your wetsuit is, that was one cold swim. Brrrr!

I feel so proud to have completed my second 20 miler and also glad I went a little beyond that 20-mile mark. I have one more 20-miler scheduled before race day. I feel like I could run a 20-miler every other weekend and it would still hurt. 20 miles is a LONG freakin' way!

The first 10ish miles were on crushed gravel (same route as the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon that I ran with Megan & Carla) which was nice for the cushion but it was pretty flat & boring. I saw a few runners out and chatted for a while with one guy who was training for RNR half.
Beginning of trail, nice & pastoral
 Art along the route...

This guy was actually closer than he appears. He came barreling up behind me and sprinted past, only to slow down and run the exact same pace as me about 30 yards ahead. Silly boys.

Ok so you can barely see him, but I swear he was right in front of me for several miles.

Lesson Learned: See that scratch on my chin? Yeah. Well, that's from texting & walking (across a street no less), missing the curb, and falling with my face landing on my phone. I gave myself a fat lip and cut. Dumbass! Don't worry, my phone is fine!
Just took this action shot to prove I've given up Ninja Style
As I approached Marymoor Park at the north end of the lake, I ran directly INTO the 5k Big Backyard Race. A fish going upstream. This was a good place to refill my water bottles and continue the journey down the other side of the lake. This was all road/shoulder running and much of this was banked which made me nervous about the torque on my ankles and knees.

Nice scene in Marymoor Park
This side of the lake is pretty much all private shoreline so no parks for water refills. Ug! Eventually, I came upon a convenience store where I zipped in and used their sink to refill.

Thank you, Little Store!

The last HOUR was rough. I had to really focus to keep putting one foot in front of the other. It was a struggle and humbling after my great half marathon race two weeks ago, but I'm so proud to have finished and proud that I didn't stop to walk (only to refill water and snap a couple photos).

I have two more intense weeks of training then it's the downhill taper. I feel like the time is going to FLY by and race day will be here before I know it. Right now my big pre-race question is:

Do I buy a Sparkle Skirt to give me super powers again and if so, what color? I'm equally torn between the turquoise, green, and purple. 


  1. Yes, buy a sparkle skirt! I choose purple! It's my fave.

  2. What a beautiful route to run! Even art on the walls, very nice :) Good job on your 2nd 20 miler, that is a huge distance!!! You will be so ready for the marathon :)

  3. I just want to say that you really inspire me. Your distances, pace, mentality, etc. Keep it up!

  4. That looks like a great route for 20+ miles. I will have to remember it when I am back to long runs in the summer. What a rocking pace! :)

  5. Alma, this is not a path, it's certain paradise... such beautiful landscapes. That is so nice to see where running can take us. Purple. Nice runs, Marluce, from Brazil.

  6. Mr. T drives by the Little Store every day on his way to work. I drove him and picked him up on Friday while his car was in the shop and I was totally scoping out the running "room" alongside the parkway there. I actually used to take that road to work when we lived in Issaquah, too. It's pretty busy during the week, but I think you must've been OK on the weekend.

    When is your next 20? Zoe and I need one, but I am going to be out of town the next two weekends...after that, it's taper. Maybe you and Zoe can run together??? I feel bad.

    Oh, and turquoise.

  7. Of course you need a sparkle shirt, you can't go wrong with any of those colors (though I would personally go with purple). You completely kicked butt at this run, I can't wait for your race!!!!!

  8. Nice work on your long run! I would get a sparkle skirt in each color. :)

  9. green sparkle skirt for sure!

  10. Wow! Awesome run! You are so ready for the RnR full! I vote for purple.

    And thanks for posting the route. I am going to try to remember about this route when I work up to the superlong runs before Portland. My stomach lurches just thinking of it.

  11. What a great run! You are going to do so well on your marathon! I like the idea of ending at a lake to have your ice bath ready and waiting for you. Plus it looks just beautiful!
    My vote would be turquoise!

  12. That is a really lovely route! I love how green everything is...

    Purple, all the way.

  13. awesome run!! and pace!! it looks so pretty! i am partial to purple so if you buy one thats my vote :) can’t wait to try RNRF now after reading all of your success.

  14. Glitter!! :) Great run Alma--just stopping texting and walking--don't mess up that pretty face of yours!

    One foot in front of the other! You got this!

    My hubby likely will be at the WSU baseball camp...sometimes he misses days b/c he is recruting so darn much! :)

  15. Purple Sparkle Skirt, that's going to give you super human powers!!

    Excellent job on the run and pushing through those tough spots! And that trail with pictures along is sooo cool, I have never seen something like that - I bet it was a great distraction!!

  16. I would love to run around a lake. How cool. Yeah for doing more than 20 miles.

  17. Love the Lake Sammamish Trail! It was a big goal for me to run from Issaquah to Redmond on it - I can't imagine running around it. ROCK ON!