Monday, May 16, 2011

Tempo time on Lake Michigan

Last minute travel stresses me out: I found out middle of last week that I had to make a trip to Chicago for meetings Monday - Tuesday this week. Coming from the west coast and not having time on my side, I had to leave Sunday to make the Monday, noon start. Grrr!

GRUMPY: I lost a whole Sunday with my guys (+ I missed them for 4 days last week while in Indy).

Room with a view: My downtown hotel gave me an awesome view from the 21st floor:

LAST MINUTE travel means: No time to try to organize a possible run date with local bloggers (though I know tricky during mid-week) AND no reservations at any of the Rick Bayless restaurants. Double drat!

A SILVER lining? Aside from getting Priority Club and United points and meeting co-workers who I talk to almost daily but have no idea what they look like, I got to participate in a favorite running activity: 

My hotel is only ~1 mile from Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. After recommendations from Mr. Bob, Sister Bison, and Jess, I decided to head south along the lake from the Pier.

On the books: 6 mile tempo (1 mile easy, 5 miles @ 7:47 pace). Thank goodness the lake shore is FLAT. Even still, I sorta canned the tempo thing and just ran hard inbetween taking photos. Also, I took the first couple miles easy to run with a coworker.

And now Chicago tempo run in pictorial:

Our office building!
The stats:
6.0 miles in 47:23 (7:53 pace).
6 hours of sitting in meetings the rest of today.
45 min stationary bike planned for tomorrow morning.
10 hrs of meetings tomorrow (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.).
4 hour flight back to Seattle at end of day tomorrow.
= Lots of sitting.

Thank goodness for this great run today! 


  1. Wow! What an interesting run. Lots to look at!

    Hey, when you get back I think the sun will be back also!

  2. love's where I'm from! Glad you got a nice run in and that the sky was blue for once this spring!

  3. Love the pictures.

    When in Chicago, hit up Goose Island!

  4. Ahhhh, I just love Chicago!! And what a beautiful blue sky you had to enjoy... although I'm sure it was COLD since it was here today.

  5. Wow! What a great run and beautiful pictures. You certainly made the best of the situation!

  6. That is awesome! Nice run in a beatiful place!

  7. Great photos and great running!

  8. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! :)

  9. I could only wish to run that many miles! Holy cow!

  10. Looks like a BEAUTIFUL run! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  11. Saw your comment on Jamoosh's post about microbrews in Chicago. My husband is the Brand Director for Goose Island- it's the best brew in the city and probably the only one at most local bars/restaurants- but others to try would be Half Acre (I like DaisyCutter) and Revolution (good food too). There are others, but those are my favorites. Have fun!

  12. Oh- and Goose has a bar at O'Hare too, if you have time before your flight home! :)

  13. I've never been to Chicago and this is one of the many many cities I'm dying to visit. Awesome that you're able to mix your love of the sport of running and the adventure of travel.

  14. Having fun whilst keeping your body in shape is the way forward! Thanks for the nice post. I enjoyed the read.