Friday, May 20, 2011

Just fanatical, not maniacal

That's right! I'm a HALF FANATIC! #1059!

and I got a cute singlet too.

I'm not sure when I'll wear the singlet though. Do you wear them only for races or can you wear them for workouts too? This local MOM also just became a half fanatic (#1067) and is thinking of wearing her shirt everywhere! Maybe I should follow suit? 

I'm just an entry level player now but am scheming to get 5 more half marathons in this year to bounce up to the next level. And guess what? It just so happens that one of my girlfriends just got engaged and wants to do a bachelorette party in Vegas, AND (because she's so cool) liked my idea of going in December for the Las Vegas RNR Half!

Does anyone know who is headlining the concert at RNR Vegas this year?

And in other random news...

This is the end of my work week, so I was relaxing with some treats that my Indy friend brought out this week (Mmmm....chocolate!).  I totally got bitch slapped by: 

Read the label on the left...yes, it says this chocolate will bitch slap you.
They really weren't kidding. I love spicy chocolate and didn't take their warning seriously. I took a healthy bite and then almost started crying. That stuff is hot. I think it's going to be saved for a mole or chili but definitely will not be consumed straight up.

And back to RUNNING news...

My treadmill interval workout today was great. I was kicking ass, the workout felt EASY even! Sadly, I checked my paces at the end only to realize it felt easy because my pacing was totally off (as in, 30 sec slower per repeat than planned). Darn! I will have to make up for that next week on track Tuesday. 

My calves have been getting very tight lately which worries me. This is how they felt before I tore my calf muscle during my last attempt at training for a marathon. So, I need to be sure to get my yoga in tomorrow and stretch, roll, and stick

Saturday or Sunday will be my second ever 20-miler. I'm getting excited to do another long run but need to figure out a route yet. 

Anyone racing this weekend?


  1. Congrats on becoming a HF! I have the shirt and only wear it at races...

    BTW--On Thanksgiving weekend, you can do the Ghost of Seattle Half on Saturday, then the Amica Seattle Half on Sunday and get many moons!

  2. Keyalus from Determined to Be Fit told me about this (I am far from being a runner) and this year I want to become a half fanatic. Plan on training during the summer and then start siging up for the races in the fall!

  3. Keyalus from Determined to Be Fit told me about this (I am far from being a runner) and this year I want to become a half fanatic. Plan on training during the summer and then start siging up for the races in the fall!

  4. I'm an HF, too! :) I have yet to wear my singlet, it's a little big on me (I got a medium because they were out of smalls).

  5. good luck on that 2nd 20 miler!! Woot!

  6. I try really hard not to get tight calves anymore. It seems that always lead to shin problems for me.
    Make sure you take care of those guys!

    That "hot" chocolate sounds nasty to me. I did have some seasalt chocolate at Christmas that was pretty good, though.

  7. I just wear my HF shirt at the occasional race (half marathons only, of course), but I don't know why you couldn't wear it whenever you wanted! If you are going to Vegas for the half (can you believe they have a 4.5 hour time cap for the full, that's just crazy), there is a running blogger conference being planned for Saturday. You can get info by googling Urban Blogger Summit Vegas and that will get you to the website.

  8. Congrats on being a Fantastic Fanatic!

  9. Congrats on becoming a Half Fanatic and good luck on your 20-miler. Should be a great weekend for it.

    I did wear my shirt on yesterday's short run, and will probably wear it on one long training run as a test in case I want to wear it in the RnR half.

  10. Congrats on becoming a Half Fanatic!!
    I have no idea who is headlining... I'm leaning towards volunteering, though, instead of racing. I think I'm broken?!

  11. Congrats on the half fanatic status!! That is amazing! Good luck on your 2nd 20miler :)

  12. HOOOOORAY!! Congratsssss from your FELLOW HALF FANATIC!! (I already forgot my HF #, though.)

    I seriously never wear my singlet. It doesn't fit right and I'm too lazy to order another one, ha!


  13. Congrats!

    Take care of those calves!

  14. Welcome to HFs! I just joined in April too!

  15. yay! another HF :) i haven’t bought the shirt yet. i sometimes wish i lived out west and had more race options-not many 1/2s in the south again till the fall. boo.