Monday, May 2, 2011

Indy Mini Marathon goals

My first "A" race in the Master Plan for 2011 (Indianapolis Mini Marathon) is NEXT weekend!

I registered for this race back in December when my "long" run was a mere 4 miles and I was nervous that I'd be ready to run 13.1 in early May. Who would have known that before this race, I would log my longest run ever, 20 miles? Not me! 

I'm really excited to see my friends in Indy and this race is just icing on the cake. So far, the weather is looking good for running through town and AROUND THE INDY SPEEDWAY:

May 07
Partly Cloudy 66°/55°

I've been debating about a few things for this upcoming race:

I think I'll pair it with ?? My tat sleeves - probably. Cool BondiBand - likely. Top - I looked for an IndyCar / NASCAR-themed shirt but struck out. I guess it will have to be a last-minute decision surprise! 

  • How to hydrate?  
For my upcoming marathon in June, I've been debating about whether or not I should carry my water or use water stops. I'm very dependent on having my fuel & water with me whenever I want it so I decided that for this mini, I will use water stops to see how I do. The weather will be warm, so I'll definitely be needing more water than normal. A good test for late June?

  • What are my pace / time goals?

My last two half marathons (RNR NOLA [Feb2011, 1:54], Lake Sammamish Half [March 2011; 1:52]) were fun runs and I had surprisingly good times for being early in my training. So, I want to beat my last half time and hit 1:50, which will be my "C" goal.

My pre-baby PR was 1:47 and I'd be pretty damn happy to tie that PR this weekend so that will be my "B" goal. I will start the race with the intent of meeting this goal, running about 8:15 pace. This will definitely be challenging but given my speed workouts and the science behind the Furman FIRST program, I think it's achievable. I need to trust the training, right?

In my pre-baby life, I had the goal of running a 1:45. I'd like to make that my "A" goal but it seems totally unrealistic to drop 7 minutes from my current time. Or, isn't the "A" goal supposed to be almost unattainable anyway? Ok, fine. I will only chase after this goal if by mile 6, I am keeping my B goal pace and feeling like I have a LOT left in me. My only fear is that I'll get overexcited (like always) and burn out before the end.

BONKing is my forte. Sad but true.

Indy Mini Goals
A: 1:45
B: 1:47 
C: 1:50

Ok, so I'm setting myself up for some ambitious goals at all the three levels, but this is what I've been training for over the last three months, right?! The Furman FIRST program has been making me speedy so now it's time to see what these legs can do - I'm going all out baby!

Trust the training. Trust the training. Trust the training. Trust...


  1. Since I am just hopping back in this world, I know nothing about your training, but it sounds interesting so I may have to go back and read more! Anyways, sounds like you should be right on to meet one of your mini goals, hopefully the A one! Oh and I love the skirt!

  2. Those are some great goals - go for it!

  3. GREAT goals!!! You worked so hard, the race will be your reward! Good luck!!

  4. Good luck. This race looks really fun and there sure is lots of people in it!

  5. I will be in a green sparkle skirt, black capris and a black top and attempting to hit the same times as you! We are bound to see eachother and hopefully run together! :-). I am getting very excited! I am just ready for this rain to go away! Only a few more days!!!!

  6. Absolutely trust your training! Halfway through my training, I usually put my training to the test by swapping out a tempo run with a 10K or 5K where I go all out. Then I use the McMillian chart to see if I'm on track for my half marathon goal. I'm usually at a point where I am on track to run faster than I originally estimated and it is all due to the hard Furman workouts.

    Good luck to you on your goals! My pre-baby goal was a 1:45 half too but pregnancy happened quicker than I thought. Now I just need to get my old half PR back.

  7. It is time to Run Faster! Yay!
    I think your goals are great. Somehow, you need to stick to your plan and not go out too fast for the first 10k. It's weird how you can feel so good in the beginning and then...

    You are going to totally surprise yourself at how good you feel from 10-13, that was my experience.

    Okay, I'm just so excited for you to run this weekend and show us what you got!

  8. Good for you! Go and do it!

  9. Cute skirts! Have a great run!

  10. About the water... depending on the number of aid stations, I normally just rely on what they have on course. However... if there aren't very many, my race belt does have a 10 oz bottle.

    In more than one race (2 already this year), I have had to use that also. If you already know it is going to be warm, don't 100% rely on aid stations. Nothing worse than being thristy/dehydrated.

    You are going to have a GREAT race. Good luck!

  11. Good luck! I believe you'll get your A goal. :)

  12. You have every reason to be very confident going in. I have this feeling you will surprise yourself in the best way!

  13. you will do great! i really think you will end up hitting your A goal! good luck! and of course, have lots of fun!

  14. I don't think that 1:45 is too ambitious!