Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Verdict: Revised Master Plan 2011 (Draft 5)

Thanks everyone for all the input. It's so helpful to have all the cumulative marathon experience to tap into. It sounds like for this first marathon, I should be o.k. with running just one 20-miler. However, I am going to try the more advanced plan that includes four 20-mile runs and if I fall short, I should still be safe.

This summer, I will have a harder time getting my long runs around all the competing summer trips & other obligations but I'll at least have the Seattle RNR training under my belt. I work Mon - Thurs (no child care or hubs on Fridays), so long runs definitely need to be done on Sat or Sun.

I can't believe I have marathon fever. The idea of waiting until the fall to run my first marathon just makes me want to crawl the walls! My training has been going so well and I'm feeling so great, I just have to go for it! 

My first marathon will NOT be Portland, OR in October. Instead, I'm going to go for the Seattle Rock & Roll in late June (though not registered yet). That gives me about 13 more weeks to train for the full. Until then, I'll be following a hybrid training plan to prepare for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. After that, I'll be 100% focused on Seattle RNR. Then, I'll just take a few weeks off before starting Portland Marathon training in July. The revised Master Plan 2011 will certainly keep me out of trouble!

My "hybrid" plan now combines the half and full Furman FIRST programs: Key workout 1 (track workout) will still be consistent with the half marathon training program. Key workout 2 (tempo run) and Key workout 3 (long run) will follow the marathon program. Detailed workouts now through the Seattle RNR:

In line with the new plan, I ran my first LONG run this weekend: 15 miles! My friends, E & Mr. S, were out visiting from Indianapolis this weekend so Mr. S (who I will be running with behind in the Indy Mini next month) and I did the 15-miler together. We'll also be training for the Portland Marathon together this summer, once they move back to Seattle in JULY! 

Anyway, the long run was fantastic - mostly flat and completely along the Elliot Bay waterfront with views of the Olympic Mountains, Bainbridge Island, and downtown Seattle.

It has been RAINY but we got lucky with dry weather for our long run.

Average Woman Runner & Mr. S
Day after the long run, and I feel great! Looking forward to next weekend's 17-miler already!

Now, to get registered for the RNR...


  1. Sounds like an awesome plan!! Good luck with your training. Beautiful pictures!!

  2. I somehow missed the previous post but yay! RNR seattle was my first marathon and I only did 1 20 miler. I think you will be fine with this plan--and you seem to be on a great track with your current training so that is another plus!

  3. Woohoo! Yay! Yippee!

    I have 18 next weekend, btw. :)

  4. Oh WOW!! I love that picture along the river! Beautiful when I zoomed in on it!

  5. Oh good! I'm happy for you - seems like you're more excited for RnR. Glad you missed the rain yesterday, it was NASTY part of the day!

  6. It feels good to have a plan doesn't it! That's great your 15 miler went so well! I'm sure you'll do great! Pretty exciting!

  7. Another FIRST 'er!! Well done!!
    To answer your questions: "That is a L O N G TM run! Nice work! So...I've never done the Nuun or other type of tabs. When do you use them? Is it based on duration of your run? How you feel? How much you sweat? ?? "

    after my run, I felt dehydrated--it's been a while since I ran that long in +60 temps, and I felt I should've "nuuned" b4 and during the run.

    Great job Alma!!