Sunday, April 24, 2011

Running (and other) podcasts

Last week I blogged about a few running and other podcasts that I've been listening to. A number of people left comments about podcasts they enjoy, so I am sharing that list with all y'all. Some are funny, some are strictly informative, some are specific to running, some include info about a variety of sports.

For folks who are into podcasts, check these out:
  • Endurance Planet (informative, geared toward endurance sports)
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness (informative, focused on nutrition & endurance sports)
  • Get Fit Guy (informative, wide variety of topics)
  • Marathon Training Academy (informative, geared toward new runners)
  • The Marathon Show (humor)
  • Marathon Talk (informative)
  • Competitor Radio (wide variety of sports)
  • Iron Brandon (triathlons)
  • Running With the Pack (informative, geared toward running & tri's) 
  • Two Gomers Run a Marathon (humor)
  • Kelownagurl Tri's (tri's and running) 
  • This Running Life
  • Vegan Running Mom (not just for vegans)
  • Geeks in Running Shoes
  • Phaedippidations (running) 
  • Leigh Peele (nutrition) 
  • The Extra Mile (running) 
I didn't add links for these but you should be able to find them online or on iTunes. I'm going to try to make my way through this list.

Thanks everyone for your recommendations & have a good week! 


  1. Thanks to your post I downloaded MTA, and found it really interesting, so thanks!

  2. Your post inspired me to test out podcasts on my 9-miler last Sunday. I really enjoyed it! It was like having a running buddy or something. I don't think I could do podcasts during a race but it was perfect for my goal pace-less training runs.

    I listened to (part of) Phedippidations (running), Running With The Pack (listed) and a Leigh Peele (nutrition). The Extra Mile is another long running running-related podcast.

  3. Oooh... I definitely should check out podcasts. I get tired of my music sometimes. Thanks for all the suggestions. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this Alma! I haven't used podcasts with running before but with longer runs, I can see this being totally useful!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog--You should see the Pullman winds today! Yuck!

  5. So excited for your race coming up too! I'll answer your questions in a post on Friday night, since you asked so nicely. I did post pics of my race outfit, go back a few posts and check out my awesome shirt!

  6. I need to try some podcasts - thanks for the recommendations! Great job in your long run!!

  7. Thanks for the "humor" ones. Those are always my favorite!