Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ok, seriously, I've lost it

I have not run a single marathon yet. The farthest I've EVER run is 17.2 miles and I've hit that distance twice (2008, 2011).

But, I'm determined to be marathon deflowered this year. I'm currently registered for:

Seattle Rock & Roll Marathon (June 2011)
Portland Marathon (October 2011)

And I just did this, because ok seriously, I've lost it...

I'm counting on the fact that a) I'll really like training for and running marathons, and b) I won't get lucky enough to be drawn for 2011. I'm thinking I will keep applying for the next three marathons so that I get an automatic "in" for 2014. A good friend is also applying for the lottery. Wish we could tie our registrations together so we could go out to NYC at the same time (we ran the NYC Half Marathon together in Aug2007). Hopefully we'll both get rejected for 3 years then we'll be an automatic in at the same time! 

And in other news, I've been wondering about how to keep up with Tall Mom, SUAR, and others, like heroine Kara Goucher, running Boston on Monday and found out that I can skip my morning workout and do some work-work while keeping up with the race: 

Live online streaming on
Live web coverage on


And for those interested in the proper way to do an ice bath, check out Elizabeth @ Running for Bling. She kindly posted an "Ice Bath 101" instruction. I will follow her directions next time!


  1. Don't feel bad. I've been running for almost seven years now and I still haven't done a full marathon. Next year will be my year. I've got too much stuff (wedding in Sept., work, house hunting, etc.) going on this year.

  2. You are awesome...or nuts. Can't decide. No matter, I love it!

  3. i wish I was doing portland!!! i applied for NY too-but secretly hoping the same as you. And you aren’t nuts-you just caught the “bug” :) yay for that!

  4. Eeee! FUN AND EXCITING!!! Great race choices. :) :) My bestie running buddy & I want to run NYC eventually, but we're too scared to enter the lotto in fear one of us will get in and one of us will get wont! Ideally we'd want to both rejected until the 3rd year, too, for how silly that sounds. :)

    YAY for races!

  5. Yay and good luck for NYC!!! That one is on my List!

  6. I applied for the London marathon ballot last year in a similar fit on madness. Luckliy I didn't get in, as it is this weekend, and I wouldn't have been fir to train. I'll probably enter the ballot again next week for 2012. Good luck - hope you (don't) get in!

  7. Sounds exciting! I love registering for races. I just registered for my 2nd marathon :) It always motivates me :)

  8. Wow! Three marathons :) ...well, perhaps you'll be lucky and only do NYC in a few years. That must be one amazing race to run!

  9. Good luck with the lottery. this is year 2 of me trying to get into this one

  10. Hee, hee, you've definitely caught the bug!!! Thankfully, there's no cure for marathon fever. :)

  11. Same here. I threw my name into the lottery the day it opened and I'm hoping to get rejected until they have to let me in for 2014.

  12. I meant to comment on the ice bath thing the other day, but don't think I did. I always get the water up above my hips so I can get my hip flexors too.

    I've been wearing my running shorts and I must keep my legs held together pretty tight because I've noticed when I get up, there is very warm water in my nether maybe that's why I'm not hurting so bad in that area from the cold water...I must not be letting any past a point, or I'm heating it up pretty good by keeping my thighs tighter together.

    So I would follow Elizabeth's advice on adding the ice in slowly, but you also might try keeping your legs together a bit. That's what us good girls do, right? :D

  13. Thanks for the links for the Boston marathon! And good for you for signing up. You'll be glad you did!