Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My other obsession

Don't worry, it still relates to running:


Lately I've been using my commute time, treadmill running time, and other random windows of time to listen to running-related podcasts. I love my standard podcasts (New Yorker Magazine short stories, This American Life, Ritmo Latino, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me) but the sports podcasts have been very helpful. I'm learning a lot about nutrition, fueling, hydration, etc to prepare for my first marathon.

It all started with my discovery of the Nutrition Diva @ Quick & Dirty Tips. She provides informative, balanced, and, I believe, scientifically accurate nutrition tips in nice 6- to 8-minute bites. I've been listening to her for several years now. Other great podcasts at Quick & Dirty Tips that I listen to regularly include: Girlfriend MD, Grammar Girl, House Call Doctor, Public Speaker, and...last but not least...Get Fit Guy. Get Fit Guy pretty much kicks ass. Go to the Quick & Dirty Tips website and check these out.

The Get Fit Guy is also known as Ben Greenfield. Ben is a former body builder and is now a competitive triathlete and coach. He holds several degrees in sports nutrition and physiology and provides technical, up-to-date information in a way that is practical for the Average Woman Runner and other athletes at various levels.

Through the Get Fit Guy Facebook page, I found that Ben also appears on other sites: Endurance Planet, Ben Greenfield Fitness, and then I just found the Marathon Training Academy on which Ben has been a guest speaker. All of these sites have free podcasts that you can subscribe to and they all have Facebook pages you can go to and leave comments.

For EP & MTA, if you leave a comment, they will respond on their podcast. In fact, a couple weeks ago, I left a comment on Get Fit Guy's Facebook page about using electrolyte supplements on long runs and he referred me to a recent discussion on this topic on Endurance Planet. Nice!

  • Endurance Planet is great for those folks out there who are triathletes or ultra runners. The host is Tawnee Prazak, who is a coach in SoCal, and she has her own blog, Tri*Tawn. I think some of the same stuff applies to marathoners so it's still an informative blog. A main focus for this podcast is sports nutrition and Ben seems to be a guest speaker on almost every episode. 
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness is Ben's own blog. His podcasts cover a range of topics including nutrition, dieting, proper recovery, weight training, nutrition and training fads, and more. 
  • Marathon Training Academy is hosted by Angie (runner) and Trevor (learning-to-be-a-runner) and they really work well together (good thing since they're married!). Angie has run several marathons but recently had a baby so is getting back on track with her training. It's nice to hear about what she's going through and get tips from her on re-building a base after time off. This podcast is definitely geared toward novice runners but I think the information would be good even for experienced runners as they cover basics you may take for granted but also provide newer information as the sport evolves. Recent topics for this podcast include: barefoot running, top running mistakes, building up your base, dealing with running mishaps, sweating & hydration 101, etc. 

Just this week, I subscribed to another podcast that I haven't even had a chance to listen to yet: Sports Psychology Podcast by Peak Performance Sports. I'm curious to see if this one is any good. Fix my head, please!


I also listen to a Jillian Michaels podcast and McMillan Running podcast but they are rarely updated.

Anyone recommend other useful running-related podcasts? 


  1. That's great! Thanks for sharing! I listen to a French podcast, but it isn't running related. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always listen to Marathon Talk - a British podcast. It's great, the 2 guys who host it are really laid-back and friendly, but very knowledgable. I've also recently downloaded 2 US podcasts - Competitor radio (about various sports) and the Marathon Show ( I find the host a bit annoying!).

  3. I also listen to podcasts, mostly while driving or doing chores.

    I am a faithful MTA listener, but I also like IronBrandon (triathlon and all it entails), Running with the Pack (excellent, detailed talk about running and triathlons), and Two Gomers Run a Marathon (not much actual running talk, but they crack me up).

  4. thanks for these! i’ve listened to a few here and there but not consistently. there is a guy on DM that is from AL that has his own too. i’ll let you know once I figure it out :)

  5. I don't know of any but I appreciate the list. This is something I've been meaning to try for a while. I've got to ramp up the music and focus on running a little slower a change from music only might be just what I need. I joined too so maybe I'll try listening to Audiobooks.

  6. I listen to Iron Brandon and Running with the pack, too! Here are a few others I like, Kelownagurl Tris (triathlons but LOTS of running stuff), This Running Life, Vegan Running Mom (not just for vegans), and Geeks in Running Shoes