Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I found my 17-miler

After finishing my 15-mile run last weekend, the first thing I thought about was this weekend's 17-mile run. Where? When? Why did I have to wait a whole week?

I know I'm only in my second week of marathon training, but I'm already relishing the long runs. Of the three scheduled runs in the Furman FIRST program, the long run is my favorite. The other two I do because they're good for me and I am glad to be done with them. But they hurt. And I can't relax and just enjoy running for the sake of running.

So I could hold back no longer...

This coming Saturday's run will hopefully take place EARLY and in dry conditions:

Complements of USA Track & Field running route database

Yes, it's got some hills. I will try to do those early on, though I hope to start at The Essential Baking Company (a good place to finish) which is by Gasworks Park on Lake Union, then run the loop counter-clockwise. Coincidentally, 17 miles was the longest long-run I did during my last attempt at a full marathon in 2008 and it was a route almost exactly like this, beginning/ending on Magnolia Hill. I'm going to conquer this beast! 

I had considered an "out and back" route because last weekend's O&B made me see the great mental advantage of breaking a long run up into two shorter runs but...I just LOVE this loop! Gotta do it. 

Anyone want to join for all or part? I'm aiming for an early Saturday start, goal pace around 9:20-9:40. 


  1. I love the plan to end at a baking company! There's a donut shop about .25mi from my house, and NOTHING tastes better than a giant coffee and donut after a long run :D

  2. ohh i like the planned finish place!! what a smart idea, i could get myself to run 17 miles if i was finishing at an ice cream place. keeping this in mind for summer training!

  3. Good plan and it looks like a great, scenic loop! And ending at a bakery? I could do that!

  4. You might pass me along the way - I am doing the east side of Eastlake, then to Ballard, so opposite of you! Stopping at great harvest when I am done for a Houdini. MMMM.

  5. I can't believe you are up to 17 miles already... you're going to be so ready for the Rock N Roll! You're a bit far for me to join you but have an extra donut at the end for me. :)

  6. So very glad you found your "17 miler". I agree with you, the long runs are the funnest in the RLRF program. I think it's because of the sheer accomplishment of covering so many miles, you just don't get that when you are running fast for shorter distances.

  7. You are going to do awesome! It's kinda cool that we are both redoing our last long runs we did before getting injured.