Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brooks Shoe Down

Or is it a run off?
Brooks Adrenaline vs Brooks Ghost
Two very different shoes indeed.

Back in February, I purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline because they're an awesome shoe. I've gone through so many of these shoes over the years but my last, most recent pair of Brooks was the Addiction. I did NOT like the Addiction: too heavy, clunky, and stiff for me now that I'm transitioning to a mid/fore-foot strike.

In March I received a pair of Brooks Ghost (FREE!) to wear test. As part of the wear testing program, I started wearing the Ghost right away. I was nervous wearing a "neutral" shoe but found that I LOVE IT!

The Ghost has excellent forefoot cushioning, is responsive, and fits my foot like a sock. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was made specifically for my foot! I also find it much easier to maintain a mid/fore-foot strike in it compared to the Addiction (no surprise, it has a much lower profile).

I've been meaning to break in my Adrenlines so I can alternate shoes to keep them all in better shape over the long term. Plus, I've been thinking it would be good to have the extra support of the Adrenaline for my long runs coming up. So this morning I headed out in my brand-spanking-new Adrenalines. I wore them on the treadmill this past week but they were outdoor virgins. So pretty. So white. So crisp. So...


Noooooooo! During my long run I was attempting to be kind to my joints by running on the grass, when possible, and discovered a couple areas only had the appearance of solid ground. Some areas were actually just grass clumps floating on shallow, muddy pits. Normally I don't care about my shoes getting dirty and even wear the dirt with pride as evidence of my long, hard miles. was just too soon for them to be trashed. They just might end up in the washer tonight. Silly?

Back to the show shoe down.

I have been pleased that my feet/knees/hips did fine in the Ghosts during last weekend's 17-mile run. Today's 10 mile run in the Adrenalines was not what I expected. They fit fine and had great cushioning but...I found it a little more difficult to maintain my proper foot strike. Also, I do think they've changed them a fair amount since my last pair (2008). Anyone else experience this?

Maybe I'm just used to the Ghost and need to spend more time in my Adrenalines? I feel a bit like a traitor for liking the Ghosts better but...I can't deny my Ghost love!

Do you ever feel loyal to a particular shoe? Do you ever cheat on your shoes with other shoes? Do you always wear the same shoe?


Ok so this week I hope to get back on track with training now that this cold is mostly gone. That means speed workouts and my first ever 20-mile run on Saturday! I'm NERVOUS but hoping that watching folks run Boston on Monday will fill me with excitement and ambition. Also coming up this week is the Virtual Jelly Bean Race!


Especially our local gal, Tall Mom Mel! I'LL BE STREAMING THE RACE AT HOME STARTING AT 6:35 A.M. (GO KARA!) AND will be late to work of course. Wah-wah.


  1. Do you find a snugger fit in the heel with the Adrenalines? I have a very severe acute case of PF and cannot run right now but I had been wearing the Ghosts (and Launch) and my podiatrist suggest th Adrenaline (if I ever run again :( ) as they are suppose to snug your heel more. I loved the Ghosts and really feel a more minimal shoe will be a better fit for me - someday! The shoes looks really cute on your feet though :).

  2. yes! i have adrenalines and newtons and feel like a cheater when switching to my newtons. i am also curious about the brand karhu and want to see what they are all about. i am going to run this marathon in the adrenalines and then we shall see...

  3. I like ASICS, but it's only becuase they were the first proper running shoes I bought, and I tend to stay loyal to a brand. Silly really, I'm sure there are loads of other great shoes!

  4. Huh, interesting. Other than Brooks' trail series, I've never run in anything other than the Glycerin. I have heard awesome things about the Adrenalines, though, so this is interesting!

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  6. Back in February, I purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline because they're an awesome shoe. I've gone through so many of these shoes over ...