Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treadmill intervals - I am shown up by Forrest Gump

The Run Less, Run Faster/Furman FIRST speed intervals have been killing me on the treadmill. I seem to get by better (mentally, anyway) when I do them on the track but the treadmill...Ack! I'm too hot, my belly aches, the treadmill dies (really!)...I have lots of excuses.

This week, despite my dumb low-grade cold that is in steady-state condition, I rocked my treadmill intervals. Maybe because they were longer intervals? My head was still struggling with the boredom, but it was easier to maintain my pace. This was me before jumping on the machine:

NO, not DREADMILL intervals!
I wish I had an after picture because I was SMILING after my 1x1600, 1x3200, 2x800 meter intervals. Really, I swear! I hope these intervals are getting better for all the other Run Less, Run Faster folks out there? I think we're all a little over half-way through our programs for our spring half/full marathons. Time flies!

So, I was just finishing my 3200m interval when...

Picture an older white guy, crew cut, all white (shorty shorts hiked up, tight white shirt) clothes. 
He gets on the treadmill and starts running in place, REALLY fast, flat feet slapping noisily on the belt. 

Nothing funny about that? 

Well, it's REALLY DAMN FUNNY when you don't even turn the treadmill ON! 
Just running like Forrest Gump on a belt that was completely still. 


Next up this week: tempo run, hopefully some cross-training & yoga, and I'm looking forward to my 13-mile long run on Saturday that I'll be running as the "Lake Sammamish Half Marathon!" This course is a point-to-point and it will be all new scenery for me and I'm hoping to meet up with a fellow WeROKC lady. 


  1. YAY for rocking the enjoy-a-mill run!!


  2. If you ever see that dude again you need to take a covert video, because that sounds HILARIOUS.

  3. Great running! (you, not the other guy - was it his first time on a treadmill??)

  4. please bring video camera with you next time, mmk? Thanks! lol

  5. LOL - did the guy not know how a treadmill works?! hahaha

  6. Some really ghetto (old) treadmills don't actually turn on -- they are just a belt that you have to move yourself! I can't imagine he thought it was that though ... let's give him the benefit of the doubt & think that he wanted to get a super heavy-duty workout in.

  7. Um...what the?

    Have fun at LS! Wish I was going.

  8. Nicely done. Intervals on the dreadmill can be tough

  9. Oh wow... I second Rose's idea... definitely get a video of him!

  10. I am never smiling after 1600's. Too busy gasping for air!

    I'm starting the Run Less, Run Faster plan for 5Ks tomorrow. First up is speedwork day. The rain is pouring here all week so no track for me. 10x400m and the treadmill settings are in the 8mph range. I'm scared!

  11. It's great to see that improvement in yourself physically and mentally! I have a hard time on the treadmill as well!