Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Letting things go

THANK YOU for the comments on the last post. It's so comforting to know that I / we share the same struggles. This is a big reason why I put time into reading blogs, to get inspiration and support from all the other people out there like me who are trying to juggle responsibilities and still carve out some time for personal challenges. When you feel like you're having a hard day, go to that post and just read the comments from all the ladies out there and you will be comforted.


At 5:45 a.m today, I had a little revelation. My alarm went off and I was supposed to roll out of bed without thinking, don my clothes, and run down to the high school track for my 6 x 800m workout. But...

Bed time the night before was 11:45 p.m. because I had stayed home all day with a sick baby and there were some work-related tasks that I absolutely had to get done after baby went to bed / after dinner / after chatting with Mr. F about his day but before work started on the east coast this morning. [BTW, this meant I missed my XT1 swim workout and had to sub a yoga-DVD, not quite the same.]

So early this morning when the radio alarm turned on, I was tired. It was dark and rainy outside. So I did something crazy...

I turned my alarm off. 

An hour later, I woke up and pulled on my running clothes, accepting that I was going to get into work an hour later but would make up that time through the rest of the week. I thought, I don't have time to get a track workout in but it doesn't mean I can't get ANY workout in.

It seems I constantly fall into this mind set that it's "all or nothing" with these workouts, especially since I started the Furman FIRST Run Less / Run Faster program. (The FIRST appeals all too well with my obsessive compulsive side.) My initial thought was that if I couldn't get my track workout in, I was doomed. One workout missed, my whole week and program thrown out of whack, I suck, I'll never get my PR, I'll never be able to finish this program, etc.

But you know, I realized that I could at least just get my tush out the door for a short run. ANY kind of run at any pace, any distance. ALL WAS NOT LOST! Sheesh - when did I get so uptight? 

So I ran. I headed out the door and after I warmed up, I realized that I was feeling ok. Ultimately, I decided to push myself and turn this "just get out the door for any kind of exercise" run into my weekly tempo run.

Ok, so still a lot little bit compulsive but the only reason I got out the door is because I realized that I could just let go of these high demands I was placing on myself and just simply get out for some exercise. And it worked. I didn't defeat myself.

Do you ever just abandon a workout completely because it isn't going to be the workout you had planned? 

Do you ever give yourself permission to let go, just a little even? 

This is something I need to put into practice more often:

Let go of the details when situation calls for it, loosen up, and remember the point is to get fit and have fun, not beat myself up and wear myself ragged.


  1. This is SO me. I'm learning to let go this year.

    Glad you are be easier on yourself, too!

  2. Yeah, I have done nothing sometimes because I couldn't fit in a longer workout. Pretty stupid really. Good for you for turning that alarm off, and your final paragraph - well said!

  3. I had to skip a swim workout yesterday to get in all the other day to day stuff. I agonized about it, I went through every possible scenario of ways to use my time and I was still coming up short. So I skipped my swim, subbed in a yoga video and got everything done without all the stress. Sometimes the plan has got to give a little.

  4. I'm kinda the same way... I get really hard on myself for not sticking to the "plan" which btw is Run Less, Run Faster too. However, I am getting better at just accepting what I'm able to get done.

  5. I do this a lot. I am trying to keep my workouts simple and fun. And when I want to do them. I get so wrapped up up in training that it becomes work and then I dont enjoy it anymore.

    Im glad you got out there!

  6. I'm an all or nothing person when it comes to eating well, so I totally understand. I need to apply this principal to my eating. Thanks!
    And I'm glad you got out there and got it done!

  7. I have finally come to this too! The FIST plan is demanding and I sometimes psych myself out!

    I love that we are following the same plan and can feed off one another!

    Good luck on your 12 this weekend! I have 13 on the sched!

  8. Great post! I definitely psyche myself out- especially with my long runs. If I can't get the whole run in I just bail on any workout at all which is RIDICULOUS! I'm going to work on not being so hard on myself. I think we all should;)

  9. I feel it's all or nothing on long runs, but I've come to accept flexibility in other workouts. It lets me fully enjoy my training and not feel regretful. Great job for getting out in the rain!

  10. yeahh!!! you are so right, sometimes sleep is more important and sometimes a scheduled workout isn't what you need for an overall great life. glad things are coming together for you mentally

  11. For some reason, I am not all or nothing with running. I will beat myself up about it though. I have cut many a tempo run (always a tempo run!) short because I didn't have the time or the energy.

    I do think I have relaxed a bit since I've done enough halfs to know I can complete the distance. Plus, I already exceeded the race time I set as a goal. If I were interested in a PR right now, I might be harder on myself.

  12. you're right! so glad i found your blog!

  13. There are definitely days when I feel like I am ready to skip my run! But somehow once I start going I always feel a lot better and really excited about it! :)

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