Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm a looper

My brother-in-law is a UP'er.

My childhood friend's husband is a state trooper.

Me, I'm a looper.

This past Sunday, I went running with Kerrie, Zoe, Sally, and Patty (WeROKC - Women Runners of King County) on the Cedar River Trail. Kerrie & Zoe went out & back 16 miles; Sally, Patty, and I went out & back 8 miles. While we were running 10 abreast, so Kerrie noted, I realized that it's rare these days for me to run an out & back course.

Zoe, Sally, Kerrie, Patty

So what type of runs do I usually do?


Not just loops around the track but real loops. All my runs are some type of loop with crazy dog-legs, rotini curves, all kinds of crazy things. I just really like loops, especially if I can run around something BIG. For example, I've been itching to run around Lake Union:
This is a great 6.5 mi loop, made even better by tagging on a trip around Portage Bay, to the east.

and the south end of Lake Washington (during upcoming marathon training). This one would take me through FOUR towns (Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Renton) and involve public transit to get home:

This loop is 23 miles, I would get the rest of the way home via light rail. 
Running around that island in the above map (Mercer Island) is fun too. There was actually a half marathon there this past weekend. Scenic & hilly.

Last weekend's long run was a loop around the city, much like the Seattle Half Marathon course:

I took the light rail home from downtown for a 12.8 mile "loop."
One of my all-time favorite loops is my 12-mile Alki Beach/West Seattle loop that I haven't done in years:

This is almost entirely on Elliot Bay with stunning views of the Olympic Mountain range.

From home, I have the 2-mile "V.A. loop" that is great for tempo runs, my 3.3 mile "golf course loop," and my 5-mile "Mt. Baker lid loop" that takes me to Lake Washington & back for a serious hill workout.

And the list goes on.

Are others out there out & backers, loopers, point-to-pointers? All of the above?

If anyone has some great Seattle loops to share, please let me know!


  1. I’m definitely a looper as well. I often do loops that pass by my car or home so that I can have my own aid station. I enjoy loops.

  2. OMG - love all your maps... and all the water!! I just love running alongside water.
    I've always been a looper too, but lately I've been running out and backs. Not sure why, but it seems to be the pattern lately. Hmmm, Maybe I need a good loop this weekend...

  3. I'm a looper too... or point a to point b if I'm doing a long run. That's only because I run from my house to my inlaws where there is a pond I can dive into (think summer time) and my husband waiting to pick me up and drive me home.

  4. I rarely run out and back, I just can't see the point. Looks like you are lucky enough to have some scenic loops to run round!

  5. Never thought about it before but... I have never done a Point A to Point B before because I don't have good access to public transit in the 'burbs. I am most often a looper. I like it - keeps my interest level high. When I can hit my favorite running trail, I'm an out and back because the trail runs all the way from GA to AL!

  6. I used to be an out and backer, but my husband converted me to become a looper. He's mapped out every conceivable distance from our house, I just need to go run and not get lost!

    I think you are very brave and adventurous to run and then need to take light rail home. Sounds daring!

  7. I am definately a Looper..

    Makes my runs more interesting.

  8. I am a looper as well! But your maps look way more interesting than my loops. So much water to run around! You're very lucky!

  9. When I'm hiking, I'm totally a looper - I hate seeing the same thing twice!

    When I'm running, I'm all about the out and back - I treat each way as a separate run in my head, it helps me break it down into more manageable parts, and I like seeing on my way back things that are familiar - I know when I pass this Target, I'm about 1.5 miles out. :D

  10. hadn’t really thought about it but realized it depends on the day. certain days i tend to do the same route each week. pretty boring. T, TH is usually out and back, W & Sat are usually loops. interesting...

  11. I looooove point to pointing. And loops. I hate out & backs. Barf. Mind numbing.

    My plan for my longer runs is to have Mike drop me off somewhere xxmiles from the house, and then I will run home. I ran to the car repair place last week to pick up my car & it was SO FUN. I LOVE RUNNING TO SOMEWHERES!

    Can't wait to do Lake Union in two weeks! That will be SO FUN.

  12. I love the options you have for all the routes. It must keeps things interesting.

    I'm all over the place. I try to find loops but in a small city, it's tough especially since I'm a "before the crack of dawn" runner. Guess I'm a zig-zagger.

  13. Nice! I'm the exact same way. Something about how the time goes so much more quickly.

  14. I'm an out and back...I never thought about looping. Now I just might try it :)

  15. I love me some loops, especially that Lake Union one. Thanks for those other loops too!

    If I were running insane amounts of miles, like you, I'd totally want to be part of the Women Runner of King County! If you ever want to do a shorter run, probably a little slower, hit me up! :)

  16. I would LOVE to meet up and possibly run with you! I'm trying to get a sub 2:00, so pacing off of you would be great!

    I think I'm going to end up doing Saturday packet pick up, then I'm taking the shuttle from Marymor to Lake Sam. State Park. Let's try to meet at packet pick up! my email is dailysweat@gmail.com - email me so we can coordinate. yay! I'm excited!