Thursday, March 3, 2011

I take back all those mean things

...that I said about track intervals.  I'm fickle, what can I say. I've always loved speed work on the track but I had a momentary lapse due to my treadmill interval effort last week.

After this morning's workout in 40-degree darkness at the high school track, I'm convinced my treadmill woes are tied to my temperature. I was hot even this morning running in a short-sleeve shirt! Of course I'm going to feel sick running in the hot, top floor, exercise machine room at that intensity! Sheesh!

Partially lit on the street & school side but dark in the far corners. 
Anyway - I headed out before 6 a.m. this morning for my 1-mile jog to the track. I have to say, regardless of how I run, if I can get UP and OUT the door before 6, it's already a successful venture. That for me, is a huge accomplishment right there. So, tearing it up on the track was a bonus.

I got to the track and realized I had forgotten my list of target paces. I could remember the first one was supposed to be 5:##-something. Oh well. I figured I would just run hard. Sure enough, after that first interval, I knew it didn't really matter what my little paper said, I could only run so hard and that would just have to be good enough.

Here's the deets (200m RI between intervals):

  • 1200m = 5:28 That hurt! But it turned out that was right on pace. I gotta run 1000 next? Oh wait, from here on out, all the repeats get shorter. That means, this workout will get gradually easier, right? Except for the part where each repeat is supposed to be at a faster pace. Anyway...I can do this! I'm channeling Arthur, I won't be last! 
  • 1000m = 4:41 Whoa. That was actually slower pace than the last repeat. I gotta pull this together. Only two laps for the next one, again, I can do this! 
  • 800m = 3:38 Half-way done! It's starting to get a little lighter out, nice. Hey - there's a guy on the track over there. Is he going to take up the inside lane - WALKING?
  • 600m = 2:42 Oh, I'm liking these shorter distances now. I can totally do this. Two more baby!
  • 400m = 1:44 How did I manage to do 12x400m during week 1 of this training plan? Holy cow that was a brutal sprint! Ok, just a 200 left. I'm going all-out on this one. I will be channeling my 15-year old, 200m-runner/long-jumper self. Look out Flo-Jo, I'm DOING THIS THING! 
  • 200m = 0:40. Kick ass! It's a wrap (and it's my Friday - woot!).

And there you have it. A successful track workout a la Furman FIRST.

Looking forward to a long run Sunday with WeROKC (Women Runners of King County, organized by Kerrie of MomvsMarathon).


  1. Great intervals!! I can't wait for it to get warmer out, so I can head down the street to our HS track to do the same! But it's so lonely by yourself, ummm, especially at 6am!! I have a hard time pushing myself alone on a big track. At least if I'm on a treadmill, the mill don't stop, ya know?... You're a STRONG girlie! Good Job today!

  2. I like that step down style workout. Question, how do you figure out what pace you're supposed to run each part?

  3. SWEET... Wish I could be there this weekend...

  4. I talk to myself when I run, too. :)

    Looking forward to Sunday!

  5. Wow! That was a really great track workout! I am really bothered by the heat too so I'm sure last week's distress was not fun. Have a great long run!

  6. Hi Alma, great training. I never thought a a step down training. I'll think about that. Your pace is great!
    Have a great WeRock race!

  7. You killed it, great job!! And 40 degrees is tank-top-and-gloves weather for me, too, which makes indoor treadmill running brutal.