Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Detroit Runner Virtual 5k

Jeff @ Detroit Runner is hosting a virtual 5k from now through March 12th, though the official day is Saturday, March 5th.

Since I'll be completing my long run this weekend, I thought I'd kick this 5k mid-week during my 5-mile tempo run. The re-cap:

Who: the Average Woman Runner
What: The "I just felt like running" virtual 5k hosted by Jeff @ Detroit Runner
When: Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Where: Downtown Seattle waterfront, Olympic Sculpture Park, Myrtle Edwards Park. As close as you can get to 0% grade in Seattle.
How: Incorporate my 5k race into my 5-mile tempo run

Courtesy of USATF.ORG

It was a cool (43 degree F), rainy day - typical Seattle March weather. Not too bad, really. I headed north from work along Alaskan Way for my Furman FIRST 5-mile tempo. After 1 mile (7:56), I officially started the VIRTUAL 5k. The first mile turned out a bit faster than I wanted so I reigned it in so I could actually finish the whole distance without walking.

No mountain views due to the clouds but I did snap this foggy image of the Port of Seattle/mouth of the Duwamish River after I hit my turn-around point in Myrtle Edwards Park.  

South-bound on trail, Myrtle Edwards Park
 After leaving the Olympic Sculpture Park, I was headed back into downtown via Alaskan Way. Froggy city!

Nice buns!
 I finished at the Bell Street Pier #66 (where you catch the ferry to Victoria, BC or the cruise ships to AK). 5k time: 23:23. Good for a first place finish! The prize? Dinner & drinks on the Mr!

I wrapped up the last mile in 8:25, a bit off-pace but overall, nice 5-mile tempo time of 39:50. Back at the office I changed back into street clothes (still sweaty, gross!) so I could meet Mr. F and Baby F for post-race libations at...

Pyramid Alehouse is about < 1 mile from my work, slightly > 1 mile from my house
Mr. F = Pale Ale
Average Woman Runner = seasonal Imperial IPA (mine was better + over 8% alcohol, ouch!)
Food = not healthy but quite tasty

It was nice to see what I could do for a 5k at this point in my training (week 4 of half marathon training) and I look forward to trying another in a month or so to see how I improve.

THANKS DETROIT JEFF for hosting this 5k and getting me to push a bit harder than I would have during a regular tempo run!!


  1. Great pictures and great race! Congrats :)

  2. Fantastic report! I'll put your time down and good luck!

  3. Wow, nice job on your five K! Love how your race reports always include beer. :)

  4. ALL runs should end with a beer :D

  5. Nice run and great report! I love the photos. Thanks for reminding me to do me virtual race!:) I'll do mine on Saturday as a warmup for Sunday's marathon.

  6. Nice finishing time and it looked like a great run!

  7. Nice race! the pics bring back summer memories! i ran on that same street a few days before the RNR marathon. First place finish and beers. love it!

  8. LOVE the pictures, Seattle is one of my fave cities. Nice job on the first place finish :) and yeah, no other way to celebrate than with beer!!!

  9. I love how you replenished electrolytes!! I think I could squeeze a 5k in my schedule--wish i could run it on the west side---having a tough time finding snow-less paths here!

  10. YAY Alaskan is right by my work too. I plan on using it A TON this spring!