Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treadmill tempo

Hats off to everyone who does the majority of their running on treadmills!

I did my second speed workout for the week on a treadmill today because I woke up to snow and ice on the sidewalks. Yipes! I think I'm just not acclimated to the heat of running indoors? This morning's workout was much better than the 800m intervals on Tuesday, but I definitely struggled to keep pace.

The goal was 3 miles @ 7:57 pace and ultimately I came close with 8:03 pacing, but I was very uneven, which is not ideal. I was able to do the first 1.0 mile at 8:00 pace but it felt rough. Then, I slowed down to 8:30 to catch my breath a bit and bounced up & around there for a good half mile before going down to 8:13 pace for the next half mile. For the third mile, I wanted to cut back down again so I ran the first half mile at 8:07ish then for the next quarter mile, cut down to 7:30, then down to 7:03ish for the last quarter.

I think it was something like that anyway.

Next week, praying that it warms up at least into the upper 30's and that I can return to the outdoors for running. I'm perfectly happy to save the gym for my bike/swim cross-training.

Once again, kudos to everyone out there who can tough it out on a treadmill like it's nothin'!

Final stats for tempo run (1% incline):

  • 2 mile warm-up: 20:
  • 3 mile tempo: 24:09
  • 1 mile cool-down: 9:30 

Quick question:
What % incline do y'all use for your various treadmill workouts? 


  1. Treadmills are so weird. A 9:30 pace on a TM feels SO much faster than the same pace outside. Or at least for me it does. I always run TM runs a lot slower that I would outside.

    I usually leave the incline at 0%, but I occasionally go up to .5%. If I'm feeling frisky, 1%. :)

    PS. SO ready for the spring to run Seattle on warm spring nights!

  2. I also use 1% incline. I once read this is comparable to run on a flat surface outside. I'm glad the 2nd run was better, but I hear you, spring needs to come fast!

  3. Great job finishing your tempo! I had a tough tempo yesterday too. But I attribute it to running in the evening (abnormal for me).

    I agree w/Megan... I find "pace" so much faster on a TM rather than the open road. It makes me frustrated. Living in the Midwest though, I have to be thankful for my TM or I'd never run from Dec - March.

  4. Nice run. Glad to see you've finally recovered from the half. And, I am jealous of your speedwork...

  5. My incline is set automatically to a .5% incline I believe. I just keep it there unless I'm told to have rollers in my run, then every once in a while I bump it up to 4% for a minute or so.

  6. I always use a minimum of a 1% incline as this is what the experts say simulates road resistance the closest. :-) Great speedwork!

  7. I know I'm supposed to use an incline on the treadmill to mimic street running, but I never do. =(

  8. I also use 1%. I know how hard it is to embrace the treadmill.

    You did a Great Job!

  9. Sounds like a very impressive run............with or without treadmill!

    I keep mine at 0.5% although I know it should be 1%.

    Respect to all you road runners! I'm afraid I'm a wimpy treadmill girl. No wind, no rain, no unexpected hills and a bit easier on the weary knees!