Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tempo smack-down

Tempo Run = Smacker
Average Woman Runner = Smackee

On deck today = 3-mile tempo @ 7:57 pace and 3-mile warm-up/cool-down
Poorly planned = didn't map my route (relied on my less-than-stellar memory), had no idea what 7:57 should feel like (other than fast) 

I just ran hard until I had no go-go left and it all worked out!

Except, I overshot the distance and went under on the time. How is that possible? 

The Juice
Warm-up/cool-down = 3.4 miles in 29:08
Tempo run = 3.6 miles in 26:48 (7:26 pace)

It wasn't easy. It felt ROUGH & I'm already getting sore (I'm icing). It may be difficult to walk tomorrow but I will have a smile on my face for completing this workout.

Next up = 8-mile long run in New Orleans! 

Loving my produce box this week. Beautiful carrots to accompany broccolini & green beans. These taste like regular carrots, but look nicer on your plate.


  1. That sore feeling is so good. Keep it going!

  2. Is that red thing at the bottom a carrot? Does it taste different than the orange variety?
    Pretty colors!!

  3. Those carrots are so purdy I wasn't sure what they were!
    Nice run!

  4. Awesome carrots! And great job on the run! It's always nice when you're faster than you think you are!

  5. Those carrots look tasty! What are you going to make with them?