Sunday, February 20, 2011


Anyone who read my RNR Mardi Gras Half Marathon unrace re-cap can understand that I was totally wiped out this past week. I was not in shape to have so much fun and REALLY not in shape to be running 13 miles at the beginning of my half marathon training program.

This week, I paid the price for fun. I was supposed to get to do a track ladder workout (YES!) and a tempo run (Bah!), and a long run, supplemented by two cross-training days. Well, I needed to recover so I could walk upright again I got a very short pool workout in, a relaxed 5-mile treadmill run completed, and no track workout, tempo run, or additional cross-training.

The nice thing is this morning I was able to do my long run (9 miles) with an old college roommate ('R') who I rarely see these days. She has taken the last two years off from running and is ready for a come-back (did I not say that 2011 was the year for kicking ass?). We started out by buying new shoes at Super Jock & Jill (R) and Road Runner Sports (me - I had $25-off coupon). After years of being led astray, I have returned to the comfort and glory of...

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11
I was this close to using that coupon to justify buying a pair of Newtons ($175, really?) but reason won out. Phew!

We got two laps in around Greenlake (outside loop) then I completed one more lap on my own after saying goodbye. It was clear, sunny, and cold - - a great Seattle running day for February. Total time for 9.8 miles = 1:26. As per usual, saw someone I recognized (from college but R & I couldn't remember if he was from the dorms or track team or what). I can't go to Greenlake without seeing someone I recognize or know. It's just THAT popular and Seattle is really a small town.

Now my job is to hound R and make sure we get together again and not lose track of each other. R's target race is the Nordstrom Beat the Bridge in May. This was actually the first fun run I've ever done...back in 1991...and I haven't run it since, so I'm looking forward to a re-match with this course. Can I beat my 18 year old self, who ran this 8k course in 37:17 (7:30 pace)?

So this week is about getting back on track with the Run Less, Run Faster / Furman First program. Week 3 includes:

  • 6 x 800m @ 3:34 (w/ 90 sec RI)
  • 3 mile tempo @ 7:57 pace w/ 3 miles easy 
  • 10 mile long run @ 9:32 pace
  • 2 days of cross training
Plus, I really should get back to bike commuting again. I've been two weeks sin bicicleta. It's a crazy work week and we're heading out of town on Friday (Leavenworth cabin!) so it will be a challenge to fit everything in. The following week, my goal is to get serious about doing a core workout 2 nights/week and get back with my PT exercises because I can feel my hips, IT, and plantar fascia tightening up.


(thank goodness for the foam roller)


  1. Sounds as though the training is going well so far. Get that bicicleta out too!

  2.'ve got a lot going on. Always fun to run with a friend though :) ...Have a good week!

  3. I wouldn't call yourself a slacker at all - you needed recovery, so you took it. I'm sure this week will be better than last, plus you just got that great run around GL in good time!

  4. Alma, I'm so glad you checked out my blog!! So nice to meet another PNW individual!

    I never realized how much I would love my foam roller until the double-digit runs. Our relationship is strong now!!

  5. Oh-my, I remember those 6x800's from a couple weeks ago! They suck! I mean, really fun... :) Have a great week.

    Heading to the foam roller right now... hard workout this morning!

  6. I wear both Brooks and Newtons, and while I stick to Newtons for racing, I have to say that you made a magnificent choice for your training. Those Brooks shoes are fantastic.... and much easier on the wallet. :)

    Sounds like your training is going great!

    (Btw, did I tell you I'm hoping to get up to Seattle early this year to visit my friend who lives there? Maybe we could fit in a run or a short race together. :) )

  7. My trainer forces me to foam roll before every training session. I HATED it until we were doing it regularly enough that it actually (almost) started feeling good. I can't imagine how tight I'd get without regular rolling now.

    I think burgers with runny egg are my new favorite thing. It was amazing.

    My elbow, thankfully, it almost totally fine. I think the pain was mostly shock and scab.

    Good luck on trying to adjust your sleeping position. I hope that gives you elbow relief. =(

  8. yes...thank goodness for the foam roller... :)

    and where is your email address??? i can't see it on your page...

    anyways, email me, i'll tell you my plans for the PNW in a couple weeks!!!

  9. The Beat the Bridge race sounds fun. I think I read last year about some bloggers doing that. Watch out for that PF!

  10. I don't think you've been a slacker. If you didn't let your body recover, you wouldn't heal properly. I think you did it just right. I love my foam roller too.