Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RNR New Orleans bloggers & beignets

Thursday I'm flying out for New Orleans to meet up with Mr. F and choking back tears about leaving Baby F for four whole nights. It's breaking my heart.

Instead of thinking about how much I'm going to miss my little guy, I'm looking forward to seeing NOLA and a bloggy meet-up! I'm planning on meeting up with Elizabeth (Run for Bling) and others from her crew before the race. 

Elizabeth has planned a pre-race bloggy meet-up at Cafe du Monde for beignets on Saturday at 2:30 pm.  Anyone heading down for the race, come on down and meet up!

Elizabeth is a veteran marathoner, so I'm looking forward to chatting her up during the run (assuming I can run with her during the first 8 miles). 

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  1. It's Endorphin Dude! So glad to have sat next to on the plane! I have some bad news. I don't know what happened, but I woke up this morning with excruciating pain in my right foot. If this doesn't get any better, I may have to pull out of Sunday's race :-( I'll keep you posted.