Sunday, February 6, 2011

Furman FIRST week 1 track workout - DONE!

This coming week is WEEK 1 of the Furman FIRST half marathon training:
  • 12 x 400m repeats @ 1:45 with 90-sec rest intervals (plus 20-30 minutes warm-up / cool-down) 
  • 3-mile tempo @ 7:57 pace (plus 3 miles warm-up / cool-down)
  • 8-mile long run @ 8:49 pace

Of course, I'm messing it up already. For my 8-mile long run this coming weekend, I'll actually be running the New Orleans RNR (but hope to be disciplined enough to run only the first 8 miles then walk/jog the rest).

Also, Mr. F flies out tomorrow for New Orleans for his conference, which means that I'm on my own with baby F this week and working out will be a challenge. To take advantage of Mr. F being home today, I decided to do one of the two scheduled speed workouts: track repeats!

This morning, I made a water bottle of HEED (the best sports drink ever) and took a meandering route down the hill to the local high school track.

The calm before the storm

Franklin High School is located right on two main drags in South Seattle and is frequently used on the weekends for soccer matches. Today was no different. While running my repeats, I was dodging cute little kids who were out playing on the track and watching their daddies play soccer.

Franklin HS, South Seattle

Not very sexy but it's convenient. I had a long warm-up so got right to it when I got to the track. I messed up my split for the first repeat but got the rest of the stats just fine. During my rest intervals, I mostly just walked instead of jogged which allowed me to recover much better. I wanted to be some-what easy on myself since this was my first track workout since this past summer. Next time, I'll jog the rest intervals.

The juice  - 12 x 400m, goal time 1:45
1 = no time, oops
2 = 1:51
3 = 1:46
4 = 1:42
phew! 1 mile done!
5 = 1:41
6 = 1:44
half way done already! was that my left ankle acting up? 
7 = 1:43
yup, ankle tweaking on the turns. i'll start running in the middle lanes so i have more mild turns.
8 = 1:43
9 = 1:45
i'm holding it but ankle definitely bothering me. wth? it's been 4 months since i messed it up. heal, damn you!
10 = 1:44
still feeling good everywhere except the left ankle 
11 = 1:44
woo hoo! can't believe i'm pulling this off! but the ankle - maybe it's the turns? i'll run the last one the other direction (clockwise).  
12 = 1:38
no ankle pain! why didn't i run the reverse direction when i first felt the ankle? ug.

I survived and feel really good about the effort except for the ankle business. Those turns were really torquing my left ankle.

Next time: tape before I run on the track and run clockwise laps so my right ankle takes the pressure on those inside turns. I'm icing now, just might make this a regular thing after speed workouts.

Tomorrow I need to get a cross-training workout in, then Tuesday or Wednesday should be the 3-mile tempo at sub-8:00 pace. I really struggle with tempo runs. Put me on the track any day, you at least get to rest a bit between repeats. But tempos? Sheer pain. No rest, just a hard, all out effort.

Thursday is my flight to New Orleans, baby! I have a reservation at two Emeril restaurants but will probably only keep one: lunch @ NOLA or dinner @ Emeril's New Orleans - which is better? Any opinions?


  1. Way to get that first track work out done. You did great!

  2. I hope your ankle responds well to the ice!

  3. Awww, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. 1:45 is totally doable for you. :)

  4. Great running, well done!

  5. I completely agree with you about the tempo runs. I like the breaks in between too! Have a great week!